• Princess Session Orchestra to Air Next Year; PV Released Featuring Aoi Azusa, Fujimoto Yuri, and Tachibana Azusa
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Princess Session Orchestra to Air Next Year; PV Released Featuring Aoi Azusa, Fujimoto Yuri, and Tachibana Azusa

King Records, in collaboration with Alia Entertainment and Takara Tomy, has announced the broadcast of the completely original TV anime Princess Session Orchestra in 2025.

Visual of 'Princess Session Orchestra'

Visual of 'Princess Session Orchestra' (C) Project PRINCESS-SESSION

King Records and Alia Entertainment, which have been involved in various works combining music and anime, and Takara Tomy, known for merchandising items featured in many anime works, are participating in this project. The original work is handled by UNISON (Alia Entertainment's new content creation brand) and King Records.

The original planning and concept are by Akifumi Kaneko (original creator of the Senki Zesshou Symphogear series), directed by Shin Oonuma (director of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya), with character designs by Mari Shimazaki (character designer for the Bayonetta series), series composition and screenplay by Manta Aisora (original creator of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san), and character design by Yukiko Akiyama. The animation is produced by SILVER LINK.

The music in the anime is produced by Elements Garden, Alia Entertainment's music brand. With Alia Entertainment and King Records, who have been involved in the production of the Senki Zesshou Symphogear series, combined with Takara Tomy's participation from the design of the items that will actually appear in the anime, this new project combining music, anime, and toys aims to be enjoyed by both children and adults and will feature various developments.

The teaser visual released on the newly launched official website shows the three main princesses. The main heroine voice actors were also announced: Aoi Azusa as Minamo Sorano/Princess Ripple, Fujimoto Yuri as Kagari Shikibe/Princess Zeal, and Tachibana Azusa as Nagase Ichijo/Princess Meteor.

A PV featuring the voices of the three characters was also released on the official YouTube channel Alicepia Channel named after the setting of the story.

The characters in this work find who they want to be and strive to achieve their dreams, growing along the way. This original animation passionately conveys the importance of being true to one's values and supporting those values, in a world where diverse perspectives exist, and individuality and aspirations are becoming more diverse.


Alicepia - a mysterious land that has existed somewhere in the world since long ago. The residents, called Alicepians, love fun but mysterious monsters called Jamaocks have started to appear, gradually threatening the peace of Alicepia. To prevent the loss of Alicepia's sparkle, the story follows the adventures of the 'Princesses' who never forget to sing in their hearts, even in such a crisis. A pop song fantasia full of courage and cheer - Princess Session Orchestra!

Minamo Sorano/Princess Ripple: Aoi Azusa

Aoi Azusa

Aoi Azusa

I am Aoi Azusa, playing the role of Minamo Sorano/Princess Ripple. This work is full of charming characters, but from the audition, I was captivated by Minamo's earnest words and thought, I definitely want to play this character! I was overjoyed when I received the acceptance notification. I want to convey every emotion I felt through Minamo without missing a single bit! I hope it reaches many people. Thank you for your support!

Kagari Shikibe/Princess Zeal: Fujimoto Yuri

Fujimoto Yuri

Fujimoto Yuri

I am Fujimoto Yuri, playing the role of Kagari Shikibe/Princess Zeal. Kagari is a character with a strong belief and determination, who leads everyone powerfully. I will do my best to convey her charm fully with zeal! I want to face the challenges with Kagari to protect the beloved Alicepia. Please look forward to it.

Nagase Ichijo/Princess Meteor: Tachibana Azusa

Tachibana Azusa

Tachibana Azusa

I am delighted to be involved in this work, filled with the dreams and sparkles I envisioned as a child, as Nagase Ichijo/Princess Meteor. Nagase is always cheerful and gives us energy. Her struggles and growth inspire me as well. I aim to deliver courage and hope to a wide range of audiences, from children to adults, through my performance and singing. Thank you for your support!