• 【Anime Adaptation】 Manga "Clevatess" to Be Adapted into TV Anime: PV Released, Starring Haruka Shiraishi, Mutsumi Tamura, and Yuichi Nakamura
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【Anime Adaptation】 Manga "Clevatess" to Be Adapted into TV Anime: PV Released, Starring Haruka Shiraishi, Mutsumi Tamura, and Yuichi Nakamura

The manga "Clevatess - The King of Beasts, the Child, and the Hero of Corpses" has been confirmed for a TV anime adaptation. Alongside this announcement, a teaser visual, PV, and staff and cast information have been revealed. Haruka Shiraishi will voice Alicia, Mutsumi Tamura will voice Kren, and Yuichi Nakamura will voice Clevatess.

Manga "Clevatess" TV Anime Adaptation Confirmed

Manga "Clevatess" TV Anime Adaptation Confirmed

In this story, Alicia, who has admired heroes since childhood, becomes one of the 13 heroes chosen by the king. Armed with the legendary sword, the heroes set out to defeat the Beast King Clevatess. However, their reckless bravery brings about a dire crisis that threatens the human race across the entire Edosea continent. The only hope left in the world is a single infant entrusted to the Beast King.

Comments from Yuuji Iwahara (Original Author):

How did you feel when the anime adaptation was decided?
"Clevatess" is my first fantasy work as a personal project. Although it's a familiar genre since my childhood, this is my first attempt at it. Hence, I'm very passionate and invested in it. I'm also taking on new challenges like making the entire work in color. I'm very happy and excited that it will be animated. I hope more people will come to enjoy and appreciate this work.

Comments from Kiyotaka Taguchi (Director):

As this is your first time directing an anime, what are your aspirations for the project?
Although the production process is quite different from live-action, I find it fresh and exciting to work on. I'm incorporating techniques from live-action direction and experimenting with them, hoping to create interesting chemical reactions. Please look forward to this adventurous epic, filled with unique characters, cast, and staff!

Comments from Haruka Shiraishi (Alicia):

What are your thoughts on being cast as Alicia?
I'm Haruka Shiraishi, and I'll be voicing Alicia. When I first read the original work after hearing about the audition, I was struck by the incredible artistry!!! What seemed like a classic fantasy turned out to be an unpredictable, thrilling story that captivated me in no time!!! I aim to portray Alicia, a strong and resilient character, with all my might, staying true to the original's intensity. Please look forward to the unpredictable story that begins with the mysterious encounter of a "beast," a "baby," and a "hero of corpses." Thank you very much.

Comments from Mutsumi Tamura (Kren):

What are your thoughts on being cast as Kren?
Kren is a high-ranking being who views humans like insects. Therefore, his emotions rarely move, and he hardly expresses them. I never imagined this way of speaking would be so challenging!! It's tough. But the story is incredibly fascinating! I'm very curious about how it unfolds! I'll do my best to make the anime a great work through my voice. Thank you very much!

Comments from Yuichi Nakamura (Clevatess):

What are your thoughts on being cast as Clevatess?
After the audition, I thoroughly read the original work. Even in situations where typical developments would offer salvation, this story doesn't always follow that path. The intricately woven plot elements elevate the drama. I feel the charm of this work lies in its meticulously constructed narrative. How to portray the crucial character Clevatess... I'm already excited about it. I hope you'll join me in enjoying this unpredictable story.


Original Work: Yuuji Iwahara (Serialized on "LINE Manga")
Director: Kiyotaka Taguchi
Series Composition: Keigo Koyanagi
Character Design: Soichiro Sako
Music: Noriaki Nobusawa
Animation Production: Lay-duce


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