• Tokyo Revengers Sequel Announced with PV Release and New Fairytale Mini Anime Project
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Tokyo Revengers Sequel Announced with PV Release and New Fairytale Mini Anime Project

The production of a sequel to the TV anime Tokyo Revengers has been confirmed. Along with this announcement, the key visual and PV (promotional video) have also been released, marking the start of the 5th-anniversary project for the anime's broadcast. A new project titled 'Fairytale(Jananese: douwa) Revengers' has also been revealed, which will mini-animeize fairytales in the style of Tokyo Revengers. The first installment will be 'Momotaro,' with more stories to be announced in the future.

This announcement was made during the 'Tokyo Revengers' 4th Anniversary & Formation Commemoration Event 'Matsudo Touring' held on the 16th. The key visual depicts a battered Takemichi and Mikey, while the PV condenses memorable scenes from the previous seasons, hinting at the beginning of a new revenge story through the final lines spoken by Takemichi and Mikey.

The event also unveiled the 5th-anniversary project set for 2025, marking five years since the anime first aired. The first part of this project is a character image song live event titled 'Friendship (japanese: dachi) Live' to be held at Pacifico Yokohama on February 2, 2025.

Additionally, on October 23, 'Tokyo Revengers Duet EP 01,' featuring character duet songs, will be released. This EP will include a priority application ticket for the live event.

Moreover, June 19 has been officially recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association as 'Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Manji Gang Formation Day.' The original author, Ken Wakui, shared his excitement, stating, "Thank you for recognizing this day as an anniversary!! To be honest, I'm not sure what it all means, but I'm incredibly happy that everyone can celebrate the Tokyo Manji Gang's anniversary! Please continue to support Tokyo Revengers!!"

'Tokyo Revengers' is based on the popular manga serialized in 'Weekly Shonen Magazine' (Kodansha) from 2017 to 2022. The story follows the protagonist, Takemichi Hanagaki, a down-and-out freeter who travels back in time to his peak middle school days 12 years ago. He starts a journey of revenge to save his murdered girlfriend and change his cowardly past.

The manga has surpassed 80 million copies in circulation. The TV anime aired the '8.3 Conflict Arc' and 'Bloody Halloween Arc' from April to September 2021, the 'Christmas Showdown Arc' from January to March 2023, and the 'Tenjiku Arc' from October to December 2023. Live-action film adaptations were released in 2021 and 2023.