• When will Hunter x Hunter resume…? Summary of HxH Author Togashi-sensei's Posts on X (formerly Twitter): Is the Series Resuming September?
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When will Hunter x Hunter resume…? Summary of HxH Author Togashi-sensei's Posts on X (formerly Twitter): Is the Series Resuming September?

Since his post on March 1, Togashi-sensei has been consistently sharing Hunter x Hunter manuscript updates and past illustrations daily, exciting fans. He has reported steady progress with the inking, suggesting that an announcement for the series' resumption could come at any time. When will Hunter x Hunter resume its serialization?

The release date for the latest volume, Volume 38, of the manga series has been set for September 4th, raising anticipation for the series' return even higher.

Yoshihiro Togashi reports on the progress of "H×H" manuscripts (images from official social media).

Yoshihiro Togashi reports on the progress of "H×H" manuscripts (images from official social media).

Togashi- sensei's official X

However, the Weekly Shonen Jump editorial department explained in the December 26, 2022, issue of Weekly Shonen Jump that "after consulting with Togashi-sensei and considering his health, we have decided not to continue the weekly serialization." This hints at the possibility that the series may not return to Jump.

Gon via official social media

images from official social media

Regardless, there is no doubt that fans will be able to read the continuation of Hunter x Hunter.

The Japan Anime News editorial team has compiled all the past posts. Since some of the illustrations posted might be unfamiliar to Togashi fans outside Japan, additional information is provided for reference.

[Breaking News] New Volume of 'HUNTER×HUNTER' to Be Released in September After 2-Year Hiatus

4th week of July

This is the cover illustration of No. 341 "Calamity (japanese title is’Yakusai’’)," where Hunter x Hunter was featured as the center color.

This is the cover illustration from Jump 2008 issue 21. It depicts Gon when Neferpitou was treating Komugi and said, "An hour!"

It's a character wearing a zip-up outfit. It seems that the Hunter x Hunter manuscripts are steadily being completed.

3rd week of July

Illustrations from Yu Yu Hakusho featuring Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara.

These are illustrations of the Occult Detective Club (japanese: Okaruto Tantei-dan), included in Togashi-sensei's early work, "Okami nante Kowakunai!!".

This is Jean Louis Bradley, an original character from the novel version. It doesn’t seem to be an illustration from the book. Could it be a promotional illustration used somewhere? If anyone knows, please let me know.

From the January 2013 issue of Shonen Jump, the third one to appear is Killua. What’s with the realistic eye drawn below Killua? Among Japanese fans, it’s speculated that it might be Yui Kobayashi, a former member of the Japanese idol group Keyakizaka46. Since Togashi-sensei has publicly declared himself a fan of the group, this speculation seems credible.


Keyakizaka46 Kobayashi Yui (left)

Following Leorio from the previous day, here’s Gon’s illustration from the cover of the January 2013 issue. The one drawn below is Roboco, a character from a current series in Shonen Jump. And is that the adorable back view of Pompompurin?

This is an illustration of Leorio drawn for the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump issue 1 in 2013. In the top right corner, it seems to depict Pompompurin, a popular character from Sanrio. As for the person in the top left... who could that be? It's amazing how just by looking at the lines of the eyes, eyebrows, and hair, you can tell it's drawn in Togashi-sensei's realistic style.

The illustration is from the short story collection "Ookami Nante Kowakunai!!" which includes one-shots from around the time of Togashi-sensei's debut. From left to right, it shows the spine, the author comment illustration that appears on the cover flap, and the cover.

"Ookami Nante Kowakunai!!"

"Ookami Nante Kowakunai!!" comics cover

2nd week of July

The left one is Kurapika drawn on the cover of the 71st chapter of Hunter x Hunter. The Yorknew City arc featured the Phantom Troupe and the start of Nen battles, marking the acceleration of Hunter x Hunter's excitement.
The right one is an illustration for the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump's 45th issue in 2000, just like the one from the previous day.

The illustration of Killua that was featured on the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 45 in 2000.

The illustration on the cover of Volume 6 of Yu Yu Hakusho.

YuYu Hakusho Vol.6

YuYu Hakusho Vol.6

Next to the manuscript, it says, "Tonda birthday present (The Unexpected birthday present)." This work is a one-shot manga published in "WJ Special Edition Shonen Jump 1988 Winter Special". Remarkably, it is Togashi-sensei's debut work as a professional manga artist. It is included in the short story collection "Ōkami Nante Kowakunai!!."

This is the art style from the early days of Hunter x Hunter. It seems to be the illustration from the cover of Chapter 5.

It looks like an illustration for a Jump calendar that gathered the protagonists of works serialized in Shonen Jump in 1992. It depicts Yusuke Urameshi in a school uniform.

It was Killua's birthday, wasn't it? This illustration seems to be newly drawn!

1st week of July

In the top right corner of the illustration of Yusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho, it says "Teleca." Was this part of a promotional giveaway for something? If anyone has information, please let me know!

It seems the manuscript is still progressing! "No. 408, dialogue insertion complete. Instruction sheet creation complete. No. 409, dialogue insertion in progress. Instruction sheet in progress."

The center color page published in Jump. It’s the title page of Chapter 209.

The character depicted with an eerie atmosphere is Jean-Louis Bradley, who appears only in the novel version. He participated in the 287th Hunter Exam, which Gon and the others took. He is a descendant of a vampire clan and the third head of the Bradley family, an assassination family comparable to the Zoldyck family. After encountering Gon and the others on the ship, he persistently followed them but was defeated by Gon in the fourth phase of the exam.

This is the frontispiece of Chapter 9 of Hunter x Hunter. How nostalgic!

It looks like the character is drawn beyond the frame of the panel. Hunter x Hunter has such impressive panels, always drawing me in.

A color illustration of Yusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho. The one with the closed mouth was for the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 13 in 1992. The one with the open mouth was for Issue 31 in 1991.

According to Togashi-sensei's comment, "No.407, dialogue insertion complete. Working on the color. To be precise, I'm avoiding it by working on the No.414 manuscript." It seems that the "Hunter x Hunter" manuscript is steadily progressing!

The illustration is from the Weekly Shonen Jump 2001 issue 5-6 double issue. The cover at that time featured Luffy from "One Piece" and Gon standing side by side.

This is an illustration from the peak of the Dark Tournament in Yu Yu Hakusho. The color illustrations from the Yu Yu Hakusho era have a unique atmosphere, don't they?
It seems to have been drawn for the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump issue 44 in 1992, but according to fan research, it appears that some details are different!

Source : Togashi Toshihiro on X