• 'Goodbye, Dragon Life' Premieres in October with PV Release; Ayaka Ohashi and Akane Matsunaga Join Cast
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'Goodbye, Dragon Life' Premieres in October with PV Release; Ayaka Ohashi and Akane Matsunaga Join Cast

The TV anime 'Goodbye, Dragon Life' is set to air on TBS starting in October. Alongside this announcement, the first key visual and the second PV have been released.

'Goodbye, Dragon Life' Premieres in October

'Goodbye, Dragon Life' Premieres in October

Shunsuke Takeuchi will play the protagonist Dran, who is the reincarnation of a dragon, and Hitomi Sekine will voice Selina, a half-human, half-snake lamia who is also the heroine of the story. Additional cast members have been announced, including Ayaka Ohashi as Christina, a stunningly beautiful swordswoman, and Akane Matsunaga as Airi, the granddaughter of Dran's human mentor. Ohashi described the work as "a heartwarming story that will make you reflect on your own life after watching," while Matsunaga added, "I especially want those who feel they have no time in their busy lives to watch this!"


Once, the oldest divine dragon was slain by humans.
The dragon, who lived for eons with immense power that even gods bowed to, accepted its death in solitude.
However, upon its next awakening, the dragon found itself reborn as Dran, a villager in a remote region. Now living a much shorter human life, he toils in the fields and hunts animals for food...
In this modest yet warm village life, Dran's heart begins to fill with small joys he never experienced in his dragon life. But one day, while investigating a swamp, he encounters a half-human, half-snake lamia named Selina.
Traveling in search of a partner, Selina is surprisingly bad at seducing humans despite being a lamia.
Though humans and monsters are inherently incompatible, the two gradually begin to connect.
But numerous external threats soon appear before them—!?

A fantasy of rebirth from the outskirts, featuring the "second life" of the once strongest and oldest dragon!


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