• "Kaiju No. 8" – Voice Actors, Cast, Character List, Theme Song, and Synopsis
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"Kaiju No. 8" – Voice Actors, Cast, Character List, Theme Song, and Synopsis

Key visual for "Kaiju No. 8" (C) Defense Force No. 3 (C) Naoya Matsumoto/Shueisha

Key visual for "Kaiju No. 8" (C) Defense Force No. 3 (C) Naoya Matsumoto/Shueisha

When serialization began on "Shonen Jump+" in July 2020, it quickly surpassed 30 million views, setting a record for the fastest in the app's history. On August 24, 2021, it won the Grand Prize in the "Web Manga Category" of the user-voted "Next Manga Award 2021," drawing significant attention among manga fans. It also achieved the top annual sales for its first volume in 2020. The popular series will begin airing on the TV Tokyo network and others every Saturday at 23:00 starting April 13, 2024.


"kaijyu no.8" is set in Japan, a world-leading hotspot for kaiju occurrences, where disasters (i.e., kaiju) mercilessly invade everyday life. The protagonist, 32-year-old Kafka Hibino, works cleaning up the carcasses of kaiju slain by the Defense Corps while pursuing his dream of becoming a corps member. Amidst these circumstances, he is transformed into a kaiju by a mysterious creature and becomes known as "kaijyu no.8" by the Japan Defense Corps.


日比野カフカ / 怪獣8号 (Kafka Hibino / Kaiju No. 8)
Voice Actor:福西勝也 (Masaya Fukunishi)

Kafka Hibino is the protagonist of "kaiju No.8" He and his childhood friend, Mina Ashiro, decided to join the Defense Corps after their town was attacked by a kaiju during their childhood. While Mina became a corps member, Kafka failed the exams and worked in kaiju carcass cleanup. When informed by his junior, Reno Ichikawa, that the age limit for the corps had been raised, Kafka attempted to join again. However, after a small kaiju entered his mouth, he gained the ability to transform into a kaiju, leading the Defense Corps to dub him "kaiju No.8" Now seen as an enemy, he is pursued across Japan.

亜白ミナ (Mina Ashiro)
Voice Actor:瀬戸麻沙美 (Asami Seto)

Mina Ashiro is a 27-year-old captain in the Japan Defense Force, having slain hundreds of kaiju. She's among the most popular captains due to her skills and appearance, and is seen as a future division commander. Once expressive in her youth, Mina now maintains a calm demeanor.

Mina and Kafka Hibino, the protagonist, are childhood friends. Inspired by a kaiju attack on their town in elementary school, they both aimed to join the Defense Corps. Mina succeeded and became a captain, while Kafka, unable to join, works in kaiju carcass cleanup.

市川レノ (Reno Ichikawa)
Voice Actor:加藤渉 (Wataru Kato)

Reno is a young man aspiring to become a member of the Japan Defense Force who joins a monster cleaning company, kaiju Sweeper, as a part-time worker and meets Kafka. At first, he looks coldly at Kafka, who seems to have given up on his dream, but he comes to know and respect his kind and brave personality.

四ノ宮キコル (Kikoru Shinomiya)
Voice Actor:ファイルーズあい (Fairouz Ai)

Kikoru Shinomiya first appeared in episode two of the anime, taking the Japan Defense Force exam alongside Kafka. The daughter of Isao Shinomiya, the chief of the Japan Defense Corps, Kikoru is described as a prodigy and is protected by her bodyguard and butler, Sebas. She graduated at 16 as the youngest valedictorian from California Conquest University. Known for her cute yet assertive demeanor, she once forcibly moved a car from her lucky parking spot and during her first meeting with Kafka, sensed his kaiju-like nature.

保科宗四郎 (Soshiro Hoshina)
Voice Actor:河西健吾 (Kengo Kawanishi)

Soshiro Hoshina is the deputy captain of the Third Unit of the Japan Defense Force. With his unique combat style and overwhelming skills, he uses a sword as his main weapon and specializes in close combat. Characterized by his mushroom haircut and narrow eyes, he speaks in Kansai dialect and is the mood maker of his unit. He hails from the Hoshina family, kaiju hunters since the Muromachi period, and inherits the unique "Hoshina-style Swordsmanship," designed for killing kaiju.

CAST(Character : Voice Actor)

In addition to the English notation, kanji characters and their readings in Japanese are listed.(日本語での漢字、読み方。英語表記を記載)

日比野カフカ / 怪獣8号 (Kafka Hibino / Kaiju No. 8): 福西勝也 (Masaya Fukunishi)
亜白ミナ (Mina Ashiro): 瀬戸麻沙美 (Asami Seto)
市川レノ (Reno Ichikawa): 加藤渉 (Wataru Kato)
四ノ宮キコル (Kikoru Shinomiya): ファイルーズあい (Fairouz Ai)
保科宗四郎 (Soshiro Hoshina): 河西健吾 (Kengo Kawanishi)
古橋伊春 (Iharu Furuhashi): 新祐樹 (Yuki Shin)
出雲ハルイチ (Haruichi Izumo): 河本啓佑 (Keisuke Komoto)
神楽木葵 (Aoi Kaguragi): 武内駿輔 (Shunsuke Takeuchi)
小此木このみ (Konomi Okonogi): 千本木彩花 (Sayaka Senbongi)

Theme Songs

Opening theme
"Abyss" by YUNGBLUD

Ending theme
"Nobody" by OneRepublic


【Original Creator】 松本直也 (Naoya Matsumoto) - 集英社「少年ジャンプ+」連載 (Serialized in Shueisha's Shonen Jump+)
【Directors】 宮繁之 (Shigeyuki Miya), 神谷友美 (Tomomi Kamiya)
【Series Composition & Script】 大河内一楼 (Ichiro Ōkouchi)
【Character Design & Chief Animation Director】 西尾鉄也 (Tetsuya Nishio)
【Kaiju Design】 前田真宏 (Mahiro Maeda)
【Art Director】 木村真二 (Shinji Kimura)
【Color Design】 広瀬いづみ (Izumi Hirose)
【3D Director】 松本勝 (Masaru Matsumoto)
【Director of Photography】 荒井栄児 (Eiji Arai)
【Editor】 肥田文 (Fumi Hida)
【Sound Director】 郷文裕貴 (Fumiyuki Gō)
【Music】 坂東祐大 (Yuta Bandoh)
【Animation Production】 Production I.G
【Kaiju Design & Works】 Studio Color
【Theme Songs】」
OP:"Abyss" by YUNGBLUD
ED:"Nobody" by OneRepublic

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Kikoru Shinomiya Appears in "Kaiju No. 8"!(C) Defense Force Unit 3 (C) Naoya Matsumoto / Shueisha