• 【Anime Adaptation】 Witch Hat Atelier Anime Adaptation Announced for Next Year; Produced by BUG FILMS
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【Anime Adaptation】 Witch Hat Atelier Anime Adaptation Announced for Next Year; Produced by BUG FILMS

The manga "Witch Hat Atelier" is set to receive a TV anime adaptation in 2025. BUG FILMS will handle the animation production, and a special teaser video and visual have been released.

Witch Hat Atelier Anime Adaptation

Witch Hat Atelier Anime Adaptation Confirmed for Next Year

In the video, the main character, Coco, a young girl from a small village who dreams of becoming a witch, is shown living in a beautifully picturesque setting. The animation vividly depicts her gazing in wonder at a "feathered carriage" controlled by magic and her fateful, unexpected encounter with magic.

Director Ayumu Watanabe's Comment:

It is an incredible excitement and joy to bring my beloved source material to life as an anime and share it with everyone. Revisiting the original work for the adaptation reignited the same excitement I felt when I first opened the book. The struggle and joy of creation, the deep immersion in the characters' emotions, and the reasons why so many fans love this series all resonated strongly with me. I aim to create an anime that shares these feelings.

Many works deal with "magic," but the magic in this series is depicted as something very close to everyday life. The magic exists alongside people's daily lives, striking a perfect balance without making the fantasy element overly extravagant. While manga can depict the "unreal" as "real," it’s essential to carefully depict the "unreal" to make the "real" feel genuine. This principle applies to anime as well.

Coco, the protagonist, is a representation of the "unreal." I hope that everyone, together with Coco, can feel the magic as something "real." My secret goal for the anime is to make Coco and her Atelier companions feel like real friends to the viewers.

Character Designer Kairi Unabara's Comment:

When I reread the original work for character design, I found my feelings towards "animation" deeply intertwined with the story, moving me to tears. This series’ charm lies not only in the allure and glamour of "magic," which everyone dreams of at least once, but also in the careful depiction of the responsibilities and struggles of those who wield it. What does "magic" mean to you? Keeping this in mind, I will draw each character’s background and emotions with love. I hope many people will enjoy it.

Music Composer Tomoka Kitamura's Comment:

Being asked to compose the music for "Witch Hat Atelier" has filled me with great joy and tension, as I feel honored to enhance this beautiful world with my music. The everyday lives of Coco and her friends, the mechanics of magic, and the richly diverse creatures... Beyond the visuals and setting, I find the portrayal of their complex emotions and their fascination and struggles with magic very compelling. I aim to create music that highlights these enchanting aspects of the series.

Original Author Kamome Shirahama's Comment:

I have been drawing this story whimsically, thinking it would be fine if it reached only those who understood it, but before I knew it, it had garnered much support and is now being made into an anime. This expansion of the "Witch Hat Atelier" world is entirely thanks to the readers' support. Thank you very much. I am incredibly excited to finally share this with everyone. The production team, including the director, has a deep understanding of the work, delving further into its world.

"Witch Hat Atelier" is a story about magic and witches, and seeing the drawings on paper come to life through animation is nothing short of magic. I eagerly await this anime, created through the combined skills and passion of many "magicians," along with all of you.


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