• 【Manga】 Kagurabachi Vol. 3 Release Praised by 'NARUTO' Author: Japanese Sword Battles are "Something Manga Lovers Will Love"
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【Manga】 Kagurabachi Vol. 3 Release Praised by 'NARUTO' Author: Japanese Sword Battles are "Something Manga Lovers Will Love"

The third volume of the manga 'Kagurabachi' (Author: Takeru Hokazono) was released on the 4th, and Shueisha announced that the total number of copies in circulation, including digital versions, has surpassed 350,000. Along with this announcement, a recommendation comment from 'NARUTO' author Masashi Kishimoto has arrived.

'Kagurabachi' Vol. 3

'Kagurabachi' Vol. 3 (C) Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha

Following the recommendation comment from Kohei Horikoshi of 'My Hero Academia' for Volume 1, which continued to be reprinted, and the comment from multi-artist Vaundy for Volume 2, Volume 3 has received a comment from Kishimoto of 'NARUTO.' Additionally, illustration cards created to commemorate the release will also be distributed.

According to Shueisha, the manga magazine app and web service 'MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA,' which targets multiple languages worldwide, reported that the first chapter of the series ranked number one in global views within the first week of its serialization (September 2023, English version). "As of April 2024, it has surpassed 99 million page views, and its momentum is unstoppable not only in Japan but also overseas. It's no exaggeration to say that 'Weekly Shonen Jump' is currently the most powerful manga," conveying its high popularity. *99 million PVs refer to the entire series, not just the first chapter.

'Kagurabachi' features Chihiro, a boy aspiring to be a master swordsmith, as the protagonist. Under his father, a master swordsmith, he trains diligently every day. The cheerful father and the silent son. They thought their days full of laughter would last forever, but one day, tragedy strikes... Bloodstained bonds and an irreplaceable daily life. The boy harbors the flames of determination in his heart, driven by hatred. This unique Japanese sword battle action manga started in 'Weekly Shonen Jump' in September 2023 and is the first serialized work of author Hokazono.

Illustration Card

Illustration Card (C) Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha

Illustration Card

Illustration Card (C) Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha

■ Recommendation Comment from Masashi Kishimoto

"The power and emotion are evident in every stroke, compelling you to keep turning the pages. This talent and style are something manga lovers will adore."