• Theatrical Anime "The Rose of Versailles" to Be Released in Spring 2025
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Theatrical Anime "The Rose of Versailles" to Be Released in Spring 2025

The theatrical anime "The Rose of Versailles," celebrating the 50th anniversary of the manga "The Rose of Versailles" (abbreviated as "Berubara," created by Riyoko Ikeda), will be released in early spring 2025, as announced on the 2nd. The cast has been revealed, with Miyuki Sawashiro playing Oscar, Aya Hirano as Marie Antoinette, Toshiyuki Toyonaga as André, and Kazuki Kato as Fersen. Alongside this announcement, the second key visual and teaser were released, marking the first reveal of the anime footage.

Key Visual for the Theatrical Anime "The Rose of Versailles"

Key Visual for the Theatrical Anime "The Rose of Versailles" (C) Riyoko Ikeda Production / The Rose of Versailles Production Committee

Set in the late 18th century during the French Revolution, "The Rose of Versailles" depicts the lives and loves of Oscar François de Jarjayes, a beautiful woman raised as a "son" and heir of a general's family, and the innocent queen Marie Antoinette from neighboring Austria. The story portrays their love and destiny as they live through turbulent times.

Miyuki Sawashiro, known for her roles as Fujiko Mine in "Lupin the Third" (third generation) and Daki (Upper Rank Six) in "Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc," will voice Oscar François de Jarjayes. Aya Hirano, known for her roles as Eponine in the musical "Les Misérables" and Isabella in Disney's "Encanto," will voice Marie Antoinette.

Toshiyuki Toyonaga, known for his roles as Pop in "Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai" and Yuuri Katsuki in "Yuri!!! on ICE," will voice Oscar's childhood friend, the commoner André Grandier. Kazuki Kato, known for his roles as Shiro Kazami in "Kamen Rider THE NEXT" and Malleus Draconia in "Disney: Twisted-Wonderland," will voice the handsome Swedish Count Hans Axel von Fersen.

The director is Ai Yoshimura, known for "Blue Spring Ride" and "Cheer Boys!!," with Tomoko Konparu of "Uta no☆Prince-sama♪" series and "Kimi ni Todoke" fame handling the screenplay. Mariko Oka, known for "First Love Monster" and "Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan," will be in charge of character design, Hiroyuki Sawano, known for "Attack on Titan," will be the music producer, and KOHTA YAMAMOTO, known for NHK's drama "Ooku," will handle the music alongside Sawano. The anime studio MAPPA, known for "Jujutsu Kaisen" and "In This Corner of the World," will produce the animation.

Cast of the Theatrical Anime "The Rose of Versailles"

Cast of the Theatrical Anime "The Rose of Versailles" (C) Riyoko Ikeda Production / The Rose of Versailles Production Committee

Cast Comments:

Miyuki Sawashiro:
"I am Miyuki Sawashiro, and I will be voicing Oscar in the theatrical anime 'The Rose of Versailles.' Oscar, drawn by Riyoko Ikeda, has been a bible for me, and from there, Oscar with the voice of Reiko Tajima was born, followed by Oscar in live-action films and stage adaptations. Under the direction of Director Yoshimura, another new Oscar is being born amidst the immense workload of the animators. I am quietly and anxiously awaiting the day of completion."

Aya Hirano:
"It's like a dream. I never thought I would get the chance to play the beloved Marie Antoinette in such a historic masterpiece. As a fan who has watched the manga, anime, and stage adaptations, I never imagined this day would come. This production is quite a challenge, and I can feel the dedication and respect each member of the production team has for this work. I hope this film, which revolutionizes the image of 'Berubara,' will mark the beginning of a new era."

Toshiyuki Toyonaga:
"I never imagined I would get to be a part of the legendary work 'The Rose of Versailles'... and to play André, no less. I also get to sing. I have the opportunity to perform scenes from the original work, beautifully depicting the aesthetic and intelligent yet ephemeral 'Berubara' with modern visuals. I am truly happy to be part of a timelessly beloved work. Please look forward to it!"

Kazuki Kato:
"50 years since its birth... I am deeply honored to be part of 'The Rose of Versailles' as Fersen, a work that has remained beloved without fading. Having been involved in musical works related to the French Revolution, I felt deeply moved when this opportunity arose. The original iconic scenes are, of course, included, and new singing performances have been added, making this a revolutionary work for the Reiwa era with modern visual technology. Please look forward to it!"