• Director Naoko Yamada's "Your Colors" "Sound Visual" Released; Soundtrack and Novelization Announced
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Director Naoko Yamada's "Your Colors" "Sound Visual" Released; Soundtrack and Novelization Announced

The latest work by director Naoko Yamada, known for films such as "K-ON! The Movie" (2011) and "A Silent Voice" (2016), is the completely original feature-length animated film "Your Colors" (to be released on August 30). The "sound visual" of the main characters Totuko, Kimi, and Rui, a three-piece band playing beautiful melodies, has been released.

Your Colors The "sound visual"

Your Colors The "sound visual"

Recently screened at the 49th Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France, the film won the Golden Goblet Award for Best Animation at the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival in China. Director Yamada, who attended the award ceremony and received the trophy on stage, expressed her gratitude, saying, "I believe animation has incredible power. I hope to continue creating many animations for the world to enjoy."

Previously, "color visuals" featuring the "colors" of Totuko, Kimi, and Rui were used in flyers and other promotional materials. The newly arrived "sound visual" is so dynamic that it seems as if you can hear the melodies they are playing. The visual captures a moment of youthful energy, showing the three characters performing live with vibrant expressions and glistening sweat. The special illustration, different from their outfits in the movie, captures an irreplaceable moment of their live rehearsal. Director Yamada commented, "It's an irreplaceable moment capturing the three's live rehearsal," and expressed her excitement, saying, "It's so cool, and the contrast with the previous colorful key visual made my heart race."

Original Soundtrack and Novelization Release

Along with the release of the "sound visual," the original soundtrack for the film, "Your Colors: Original Soundtrack - all is color within," featuring 52 tracks composed by Kensuke Ushio, will be released on August 28. The 2-CD set includes the main soundtrack on Disc 1 and full-size versions of the band's songs, promotional tracks, and unused tracks on Disc 2.

On the same day, a maxi single titled "Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Amen," featuring three full-size songs by the film's band "Shironeko-Do" (Totuko, Kimi, and Rui), and a single cassette titled "Shironeko-Do Demo Tape," including three rare demo versions of the band's songs during composition and practice, will also be released. Additionally, a 2-LP vinyl set of the soundtrack is scheduled for release on October 23.

Furthermore, the novelization "Your Colors: The Novel" will be released by Takarajimasha Bunko on July 12. This novelization offers detailed depictions of the characters and scenes, providing a deeper understanding of the film's world before and after watching the movie.

On the Toho MOVIE YouTube channel, a monthly YouTube series titled "Your Colors: color palette," exploring the film's appeal, is ongoing on the 16th of every month (color day). The June 16 episode features Kensuke Ushio, and the July 16 episode will focus on the "color palette" of the three main voice actors: Sayu Suzukawa, Akari Takaishi, and Taisei Kido.