• Kinnikuman Past Animated for the First Time in 30 Years: New Episode Released! Episode 0 Summary & Scene Cuts Revealed
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Kinnikuman Past Animated for the First Time in 30 Years: New Episode Released! Episode 0 Summary & Scene Cuts Revealed

New information has been released about the new 'Kinnikuman' series, specifically the "Kinnikuman: perfect origin arc" which will air from July 7 on the CBC and TBS networks. The premiere will be Episode 0, which will reflect on the friendship and fierce battles of Kinnikuman and his allies. The summary and scene cuts have also been revealed. Episode 0 will feature newly animated scenes from previous arcs including the Kaiju Extermination Arc, 20th Chojin Olympics Arc, Seven Devil Choujin Arc, Golden Mask Arc, Dream Chojin Tag Arc, and Kinnikusei Throne Contest Arc, marking the first time in about 30 years that these scenes have been reanimated for the Reiwa (current Japanese era).

Kinnikuman vs Terryman from Kinnikuman: perfect origin arc

Kinnikuman vs Terryman (C) Yudetamago/Shueisha/Kinnikuman Production Committee

In Episode 0, Kinnikuman, who is on the verge of marrying Bibinba, inexplicably heads back to Earth. The episode revisits the past, showcasing intense sparring matches with his ally Terryman, reflecting on their days of fierce battles.

Ramenman from Kinnikuman: perfect origin arc

Ramenman (C) Yudetamago/Shueisha/Kinnikuman Production Committee

Akuma Shogun from Kinnikuman: perfect origin arc

Akuma Shogun (C) Yudetamago/Shueisha/Kinnikuman Production Committee

'Kinnikuman' is a martial arts manga based on professional wrestling, following the protagonist Kinnikuman (Suguru Kinniku), a superhuman who fights powerful opponents in the ring with his fellow Justice Chojin. The series depicts Kinnikuman, a clumsy and goofy superhuman from Planet Kinniku, as he grows into the strongest man in the superhuman martial arts world through effort, friendship, and victory.

Terryman from Kinnikuman: perfect origin arc

Terryman (C) Yudetamago/Shueisha/Kinnikuman Production Committee

Created by the duo Yudetamago (story by Takashi Shimada and art by Yoshinori Nakai), 'Kinnikuman' debuted in 'Weekly Shonen Jump' from May 1979 to May 1987. It was later serialized in 'Weekly Playboy' starting in 1998, featuring Kinnikuman's son, Mantaro Kinniku, as the protagonist in 'Kinnikuman II'. The original 'Kinnikuman' series resumed after 24 years in 2011. The manga series has sold over 77 million copies in total.

Buffaloman from Kinnikuman: perfect origin arc

Buffaloman (C) Yudetamago/Shueisha/Kinnikuman Production Committee

The original TV anime aired from April 1983 to October 1986 and from October 1991 to September 1992, achieving an average viewership rating of 20% and spawning seven movies. The character erasers known as "Kinkeshi" became a massive hit, selling 200 million units.

The new anime marks the first TV adaptation in 18 years since the third season of 'Kinnikuman II' in 2006, with Production I.G handling the animation. The Perfect Origin Arc follows the Kinnikusei Throne Contest Arc and is one of the most popular episodes in the original manga. Mamoru Miyano voices Kinnikuman, while Akira Kamiya voices Mayumi Kinniku/Prince Kamehame.

Key visual Kinnikuman: perfect origin arc

Key visual Kinnikuman: perfect origin arc (C) Yudetamago/Shueisha/Kinnikuman Production Committee

Episode 0 "Kinnikuman Forever... And"

Having defeated his greatest rival, Super Phoenix, Kinnikuman was supposed to return to his home planet and inherit the Kinnikusei throne. However, just before his wedding to Bibinba, he heads back to Earth. His destination is the familiar Kinnikuman House in Denenchofu, Tokyo, where his old comrades gather. Kinnikuman engages in a fierce sparring match with his ally Terryman, dubbed a "wedding celebration," reminiscing about their past encounters and battles.