• Tower of God Season 2 Trailer Released: NiziU's Opening Song "RISE UP" Debuts
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Tower of God Season 2 Trailer Released: NiziU's Opening Song "RISE UP" Debuts

The trailer for the second season of the TV anime "Tower of God," set to start airing in July, has been released. Additionally, the opening theme song "RISE UP" by NiziU has been unveiled for the first time within the trailer.

Tower of God Season 2

Tower of God Season 2

The trailer begins with the enigmatic words, "The prince of Zahard is returning soon," leading into an exhilarating new chapter titled "The Return of the Prince." Viole, who appears on the 20th floor as a Slayer candidate for the crime organization "FUG," which opposes Zahard, the ruler of the tower, attacks Wangnan with swift movements, declaring, "There is no one more suitable to be my companion."

Next, the other protagonist, Wangnan, is shown in a more comical light, escaping from the bath and slurping ramen, yet he firmly declares, "I will absolutely, absolutely climb the tower! I will reach the top of the tower!" What significance does the ring with Zahard's crest, shining on Wangnan's right hand, hold?

The trailer not only features Viole and Wangnan but also introduces new companions, including YEON Ehwa, the Flame Wheel of the Ten Great Families, the glasses-wearing YEO Goseng, who dislikes fighting, the crybaby girl Yeo Miseng, the man with a devil on his right arm, KANG Horyang, the silver-haired spearman Hon ArcRaptor, and the loan shark heir, Prince.