• Wonderful Precure! - Won't You Be a Precure with Us? Episode 20 Synopsis & Scene Cuts Released
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Wonderful Precure! - Won't You Be a Precure with Us? Episode 20 Synopsis & Scene Cuts Released

The synopsis and scene cuts for episode 20 of the new series "Wonderful Precure!"—the 21st installment in the "Precure" TV anime—have been released.

"Wonderful Precure!" Scene Cut

"Wonderful Precure!" Scene Cut (C) ABC-A / Toei Animation

Episode 20, "We're Not Afraid Together," airing on the 16th, shows Yuki coming to Nico Garden with Mayu and the others at the invitation of Komugi and Iroha. However, Yuki, who insists on being a Precure only to protect Mayu, runs away while Meemee is asking for cooperation.

Yuki arrives at the tropical plant area and meets Kirarin Kojika there. Kojika shares that it felt lonely and scared when it became Galgal, but has been enjoying life with friends since returning to Nico Garden.

While listening to Kojika's story, Yuki is surrounded by the Kirarin Animals searching for Kojika and ends up participating in a party welcoming the new Precure with Mayu.

After returning from Nico Garden, Mayu asks Yuki once again, "Won't you be a Precure with us?" At that moment, Yuki senses the presence of Galgal. Reluctant to let Mayu go, Yuki pretends not to notice, but Mayu rushes to Galgal's location, leaving Yuki no choice but to follow.

"Wonderful Precure!" is themed around "Animals" and the bond between them, with the key phrase being "Everyone's friends! Wonderful~!" Set in Animal Town, a place where animals and humans live harmoniously, the story depicts cross-species interactions.

Iroha, who loves animals, is very close with her pet dog, Komugi. One day, they encounter a mysterious creature, Galgal, causing havoc in town. To protect Iroha, Komugi transforms into a human and becomes a Precure. The story follows their efforts to return troubled animals to Nico Garden, helping those whose hearts have turned "Galgal."


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