• "Precure" Series Reaches 1000 Episodes! Celebrating Two Decades as a Sunday Morning Staple with Special Footage
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"Precure" Series Reaches 1000 Episodes! Celebrating Two Decades as a Sunday Morning Staple with Special Footage

The popular TV anime series "Precure" celebrated its 1000th episode today, June 2nd, with the 18th episode of "Wonderful Precure!" The series has been broadcast every Sunday at 8:30 AM on ABC TV and TV Asahi for 20 years, reaching this milestone since the first episode of "Futari wa Precure" aired on February 1, 2004.

Scene cut from "Wonderful Precure!"

Scene cut from "Wonderful Precure!" (C) ABC-A/Toei Animation

The "Precure" series is a transformation heroine action anime where ordinary girls transform into legendary warriors called Precure to fight powerful enemies. Starting with "Futari wa Precure" in 2004, the series is now in its 21st installment, "Wonderful Precure!" (Wanpuri). In today's episode of "Wanpuri," Episode 18, titled "Mayu's Feelings, Yuki's Feelings," a special video was shown before the main story, featuring a message: "From 'Futari wa Precure' to now, so many connected feelings!" The episode concluded with a special tribute where the original Precure characters and the current ones celebrated the 1000th episode with a message, "Thank you for 1000 episodes!"

Scene cut from "Futari wa Precure"

Scene cut from "Futari wa Precure" (C) Toei Animation

In the episode, Yuki, having revealed her true identity, takes Mayu by the hand and leaves. Despite her confusion, Mayu is happy to talk with Yuki. Back at home, Mayu learns from Yuki about the circumstances that allowed her to transform. One night, when Gargal appeared, Yuki's charm shone as she rushed out to protect Pretty Holic, enabling her transformation into Precure. However, Yuki tells Mayu that she has no intention of cooperating with Komugi and Iroha, and warns Mayu to stay away from them. The next day at school, Mayu, troubled by Yuki's words, tries to interact with Iroha and the others as usual but ends up distancing herself. Iroha approaches Mayu, expressing her desire to remain friends, leading to further developments in the story. "Wonderful Precure!" is themed around "animals," focusing on the bond between humans and animals, with the key phrase being "Everyone is friends! Wonderful!" Set in Animal Town, the series depicts interactions across species.

Key visual from "Wonderful Precure!"

Key visual from "Wonderful Precure!" (C) ABC-A/Toei Animation

Iroha, who loves animals, is close to her pet dog Komugi. One day, they encounter the mysterious creature Gargal causing havoc in the town. To protect Iroha, Komugi transforms into Precure. The story follows their efforts to help troubled animals and return them to Niko Garden.