• "April 8 is 'Get Wild Day', New Preview Footage of Netflix Movie 'City Hunter' Unveiled"
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"April 8 is 'Get Wild Day', New Preview Footage of Netflix Movie 'City Hunter' Unveiled"

April 8 has been officially recognized as "Get Wild Day" by the Japan Anniversary Association last year, commemorating the original release date (April 8, 1987) of "Get Wild," one of TM NETWORK's representative songs and the beloved ending theme of the anime "City Hunter." In celebration of this commemorative day, new preview footage of the Netflix movie "City Hunter" has been released.

Netflix movie "City Hunter" exclusive streaming starts April 25 (C) Tsukasa Hojo / Coamix 1985

Netflix movie "City Hunter" exclusive streaming starts April 25 (C) Tsukasa Hojo / Coamix 1985

The movie's ending theme, "Get Wild Continual" by TM NETWORK (included in the TM NETWORK 40th Anniversary Edition released on April 21), plays over scenes depicting the setting of the story in Reiwa-era Kabukicho, Shinjuku. The footage begins with the iconic red Mini Cooper, the Shinjuku message board marked with XYZ, and the protagonist Ryo Saeba (played by Ryohei Suzuki, with "Ryo" being a play on the character for "dormitory" with the "animal" radical), uttering the line, "Sorry to keep you waiting."

During his investigation for the famous cosplayer Kurumi (Asuka Hanamura), Ryo gets entangled in a mysterious incident, leading to the death of his partner, Hideyuki Makimura (played by Masanobu Ando). Makimura's sister, Kaori (played by Mochi Morita), confronts Ryo to uncover the truth behind her brother's death.

At the same time, a violent incident in Shinjuku is found to be connected to a mysterious drug, "Angel Dust," with Kurumi holding a crucial key to it. Ryo, wanting to keep Kaori out of danger, continues to avoid her, but to unveil the truth behind Makimura's death, they start working together to solve the case.

The cast announcement also includes Fumino Kimura as Saeko Nogami, a Tokyo Metropolitan Police detective; Tetta Sugimoto as her boss, the head of the Metropolitan Police's First Investigative Division, Akitoshi Ito; Ayame Misaki as the famous cosmetic brand president, Tsukino Seta, who hires Kurumi for a cosplay event; and Takaya Sakoda as Seta's secretary, Kunio Konno.

The preview footage also highlights an adrenaline-pumping gunfight scene, raising expectations for the movie. The large-scale location shooting made possible by unprecedented cooperation, including local shopping districts, Shinjuku administrative officials, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Shinjuku station, prominently features the city of Shinjuku.

The Netflix movie "City Hunter," which tells the story of how Ryo and Kaori meet and become unique partners as depicted in the original manga and anime, will be exclusively streamed worldwide on the video streaming service Netflix from April 25.

Having previewed the completed film, original creator Tsukasa Hojo gave it his full endorsement, saying, "It was fun, and truly interesting. It gives a sense of what everyone imagines 'City Hunter' to be, with Ryo and the others leaping around Shinjuku. I think many people will be moved by seeing this realized. Even those fans of the original work or anime who might be skeptical about a live-action adaptation should give it a try. Even if you just watch a little before going to bed, I believe you'll find it too exciting to sleep. Please enjoy it."