• "G Gundam" Side Story Scenario to be Released
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"G Gundam" Side Story Scenario to be Released

The "Gundam Conference SUMMER 2024" was held online on the 26th. Various information about the Gundam series, celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, was announced.

G Gundam Side Story

G Gundam Side Story From the "Gundam Conference SUMMER 2024" (C) Sotsu/Sunrise

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the TV anime "Mobile Fighter G Gundam," which aired from 1994 to 1995, a completely new side story scenario by the general director Yasuhiro Imagawa will be developed. It was announced that the title will be "Mobile Fighter G Gundam Gaiden: Heaven and Earth Astonishment," and it will be released on July 5th. Additionally, a new illustration showing Domon Kasshu and Master Asia seemingly fighting together was unveiled.

"Mobile Fighter G Gundam" is a TV anime that aired from 1994 to 1995. It stands out from other Gundam series as it features martial artists representing various countries using Gundams to compete in the "Gundam Fight" martial arts tournament for world supremacy. To avoid large-scale wars in space, the countries devised the Gundam Fight system, where representatives from each country battle using Gundams on Earth as the ring, with the winning nation gaining leadership for the next four years. The 13th Gundam Fight tournament is depicted, highlighting the struggles and achievements of the protagonist Domon Kasshu and others.

In addition, actor Kanata Hongo appeared as a guest, participating in a talk session about Gundam.

Synopsis of "Mobile Fighter G Gundam Gaiden: Heaven and Earth Astonishment"

Before the opening ceremony of the 13th Gundam Fight Finals, Domon and the newly formed Shuffle Alliance are questioned by the Gundam Fighters from various countries about the purpose of the generational change, leaving them at a loss for an answer. With no clear response, the opening of the finals is declared along with a demonstration by Master Asia and Domon. Suddenly, five mysterious Gundams appear, calling themselves the "Dark Shuffle"...