• Summary of Gunpla Articles : Welcome to the world of Gunpla.
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Summary of Gunpla Articles : Welcome to the world of Gunpla.

Are you familiar with Gunpla?
Gunpla refers to the plastic models from the iconic Japanese anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam," which has passionate creators and collectors both in Japan and abroad.
At Japan Anime News, the parent organization of Japan's largest entertainment news site "ORICON NEWS," we have conducted interviews with renowned Japanese Gunpla creators, known as modelers, over the years. We have showcased the fruits of their exceptional creativity and unique imagination.

With the modelers' permission, Japan Anime News has also introduced some of their works, and now we have created a page compiling these exceptional articles.
We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Gunpla, filled with dreams and passion.
This page will be updated regularly, so stay tuned.

Gundam Aerial as Frieza?

The Witch of Planet Namek

The Witch of Planet Namek Created and Images Provided by lllo (C) Sotsu/Sunrise

Many heroes and villains in anime and manga have their iconic poses. Among them, for those in their 30s and 40s, the most memorable poses likely come from the Ginyu Force in “Dragon Ball Z/Kai.” The modeler lllo (@lllo_web), known for parody works, recreated these poses using Gundams from “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury,” earning widespread acclaim for the high level of detail. Why did they decide to form the Ginyu Force using mechas from “The Witch from Mercury?”

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Gundam Aerial as Frieza? “The Ginyu Force” Created with “The Witch from Mercury” Gunpla Gains Praise on SNS “Absolutely Amazing”

Could it be a "Wooden Gunpla?"

Wooden Qubeley

Wooden Qubeley Created and provided by Take35 (C) Sotsu・Sunrise

First appearing in 'Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam', the Qubeley stands out with its unique, curvaceous design, setting it apart from previous mobile suits (MS). Highly popular among Gunpla modelers, various custom versions of the Qubeley have been created. The recent creation by modeler Take35 (@takerunomin) features a Qubeley motif with a unique "wood grain" aesthetic. It looks so much like a wooden craft you might find in a souvenir shop on Axis. We spoke with him about why he chose this particular custom design.

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Could it be a "Wooden Gunpla?" This Shocking 'Woodbelei' Might Just be Sold at an Axis Souvenir Shop!

Clumsy Zaku

Clumsy Zaku

Mass-Produced Zaku (Gibsu Zaku) - Created and provided by Youichi Noaki (C) Sotsu, Sunrise

A mass-produced Zaku wrapped in painful-looking casts and bandages, using its Zaku Machine Gun as a crutch. This piece was created by modeler Youichi Noaki (@atm_09_m) in 2021. Recently, when it was reposted on social media, it received praise from followers both domestically and internationally, with comments like "I laughed" and "Great idea." Why was it reposted now? We spoke with Noaki about the story behind its creation.

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SNS Amused by the Painful Appearance of the "Clumsy" Mass-Produced Zaku, Modeled Surprisingly After "Myself"

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