• The Unusual "Red Gundam," praised on SNS as "exceptionally cool" and "godly quality" - Popular modeler reveals the secret to making Gunpla "lively"
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The Unusual "Red Gundam," praised on SNS as "exceptionally cool" and "godly quality" - Popular modeler reveals the secret to making Gunpla "lively"

Work by Mr. puras

【Photo】Work by Mr. puras, Creation・Image Provided by Mr. puras (C) Sotsu・Sunrise

Modeler Mr. puras (@puras9211), who captivates 22,000 followers with his work pursuing the coolness of Mobile Suits (MS), recently completed the Strike Rouge at the end of June.
This unique character, introduced in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY", generally has a heroic blue scheme among many Gundams, but it predominantly bears a reddish hue.

Mr. puras emphasized the red, making it more enchanting. Combined with the pose, he has created a new image of the Strike Rouge that is praised on SNS for its 'exceptional coolness' and 'godlike quality'.
We asked him about his obsession with making Gunpla “vibrant” with color and deliberate posing.

■ Shocked as an elementary kid when watching the anime 'Can changing the color of Gundam change the atmosphere this much?'

-- Your newly completed "Strike Rouge RASH" is generating a lot of buzz. Could you tell us what prompted you to create this piece?

Mr. puras: Most of my past works tend to have a blue color scheme. That's why I thought of creating a piece colored with vivid red for a change. I remembered having a Strike kit that I had bought but left untouched, so I decided to create an original Strike Rouge with enhanced red color by painting it all over.

-- The Strike Rouge, from the original drawing, has an unusual red-based color for a Gundam. The originally white parts are even painted with an overall pink hue. What was your impression of the color and the MS itself?

Mr. puras: It has a color scheme unlike other Gundams and gives off a somewhat feminine vibe. I was in grade school when the anime was aired and I remember being shocked, thinking 'Can changing the color of Gundam, even though it is a protagonist’s suit, change the atmosphere this much?'

I didn't know much about the MS specifications until recently, but after hearing from a senior at work about the reason for the red armor and the development process, I was surprised as it was different from what I had imagined.

-- It indeed left a significant impact on many Gundam fans. Could you tell us about the story you had in mind when creating this work?

Mr. puras: I imagined the MS as a close-combat type, only equipped with the large sword Grand Slam, and having some of the Strike Rouge's armor removed to test for improved maneuverability. However, this would expose its power unit, a disadvantage, so I scattered vivid red colors in various parts to divert attention.

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