• "Too Adorably Cute" Gunpla 'Frau Bow Customized Gym' Receives Enthusiastic Acclaim on SNS - "Isn't the Plumpness Just Like Frau Herself?"
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"Too Adorably Cute" Gunpla 'Frau Bow Customized Gym' Receives Enthusiastic Acclaim on SNS - "Isn't the Plumpness Just Like Frau Herself?"

ToMoS (@ToMoS_Qkit), a talented “Gunpla”modeler known for combining unique ideas and old kits to bring them to life, previously created the original unit 'Zionmu,' a fusion of Zeong and Dom.

 'Frau Bow Customized Gym'

'Frau Bow Customized Gym' Production/Image Credit: ToMoS (@ToMoS_Qkit) (C) Sotsu・Sunrise

His latest creation is the 'Frau Bow Customized Gym,' featuring a pink and white body with adorable poses that leave a lasting impression. Frau Bow, popular for being Amuro Ray's girlfriend and a caring presence in 'Mobile Suit Gundam,' doesn't pilot a Mobile Suit (MS) in the main series. So why was her "custom machine" born?
We asked the creator for an explanation.

■Reason for Frau Bow's Custom Machine Being a Gym: "Ordinariness" as a Common Trait

— Following the previous work 'Zionmu,' which combined Zeong and Dom, the 'Frau Bow Customized Gym' has become a hot topic on social media. Comments like "Isn't the plumpness just like Frau herself?" and "Totally Frau" poured in with great enthusiasm. How do you feel about this reaction?

ToMoS: I always receive numerous comments from my followers, and it's truly encouraging. I believe the point lies in the fact that I used old kits. The old kits have a soft and round feminine shape in their design, which I find to be the key to capturing the "plumpness" and "Frau-like essence."

— In that sense, the idea fits this work perfectly. But how did you come up with the idea for this project in the first place?

ToMoS: Well, in the past, I created the 'Artesia (Sayla Mass) Custom Gundam,' which used the old 1/144 Gundam kit. This time, I wanted to pay homage to that work, so I made this Gundam. I wanted to expand the series by creating more companions for that particular kit without modifying the old kits.

— We were amazed by the vast range of your "[Pretend] Mobile Suit Variations" series, as we mentioned in our previous interview (laughs). Do you have any special attachment to Frau Bow and the Gym?

ToMoS: Not particularly (laughs). Frau has an image of being a bright and slightly meddlesome ordinary girl. As for the Gym, it has an image of being weak and often defeated. Being a mass-produced machine of the Federation, words like "simple" and "standard" come to mind, so I imagined this work based on the common trait of "ordinariness."

— As you mentioned, Frau Bow is depicted as an ordinary girl even in the main series and doesn't pilot an MS. What kind of story background did you imagine while creating this work?

ToMoS: (It's an "if" scenario), but I imagined that if she became a pilot in the Federation, she would get a custom machine, and it would have this color scheme. Of course, it's a parody-based idea (laughs). I thought it would be interesting to fully showcase the feeling of a female pilot while making it.

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