• Manga Oshi no Ko Enters Final Arc After 4 Years of Serialization
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Manga Oshi no Ko Enters Final Arc After 4 Years of Serialization

It has been announced that the manga 'Oshi no Ko' (written by Aka Akasaka, illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari) will enter its final arc titled "Hoshi ni Yume ni," generating much buzz online.

Oshi no Ko Volume 1 Comic

Oshi no Ko Volume 1 Comic

'Oshi no Ko,' which began serialization in 'Weekly Young Jump' (Shueisha) in April 2020, is a story set in the entertainment industry. The protagonist, Goro, an obstetrician, meets his favorite idol, Ai Hoshino, but after dying in an incident, he is reincarnated as Ai's child. This leads him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry alongside her. The story realistically depicts the world of showbiz, featuring characters such as idols, actors, directors, and backstage staff, gaining significant popularity.

Written by Aka Akasaka, known for the popular manga 'Kaguya-sama: Love Is War,' 'Oshi no Ko' won first place in the comics category of the 'Next Manga Award 2021.' The second season of the TV anime is set to air in July, a live-action drama series will be streamed on Prime Video starting in November, and the continuation in movie form will be released in December.

The manga is also updated on the 'Shonen Jump+' app a week later, and the announcement in the June 20 update caused the term "Oshi no Ko Final Arc" to trend on X.

Online reactions include, "The final arc of 'Oshi no Ko'!?," "Finally, the final arc," and "It's really the final arc of 'Oshi no Ko'... I'm excited to see how it concludes."