• New Footage from "Mononoke: The Movie" Released - Male Character Voices Revealed! Featuring Yuki Kaji, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Hosomi, Miyu Irino, and Kenjiro Tsuda
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New Footage from "Mononoke: The Movie" Released - Male Character Voices Revealed! Featuring Yuki Kaji, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Hosomi, Miyu Irino, and Kenjiro Tsuda

The latest footage from the completely new movie "Mononoke: Karakasa" (to be released on July 26), based on the TV anime "Mononoke," has been released. For the first time, the voices of the male characters, featuring a star-studded cast including Yuki Kaji, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Hosomi, Miyu Irino, and Kenjiro Tsuda, have been revealed.

 Visual of "Mononoke: The Movie"

Visual of "Mononoke: The Movie" (C) Twin Engine

The latest footage, "Special Trailer - Omote no Maki," contrasts with the previous teaser and main trailer, which featured the screams and suffering expressions of the maidservants. It starts with a cheerful narration by Sakashita (voiced by Daisuke Hosomi), a guard at "Nanatsuguchi" in the inner chambers of the great Edo Castle. The trailer introduces the male characters with a lively tempo.

Additionally, the footage reveals details about the roles of "Ooku," the bureaucratic institution where the maidservants work, and "Omote," the place where men conduct politics, as well as the entrance connecting Ooku to the outside world, "Nanatsuguchi."

The trailer showcases impressive visual cuts, including the colorful illustrations of a large tanuki and daruma at Nanatsuguchi, the glamorous doors leading to Ooku, and the mysterious underground altar filled with water.

The trailer also touches on the existence of a pivotal festival in the story and the mysterious rituals performed daily by the maidservants.

Ooku is bustling with preparations for a grand festival called "Oomochihiki," held to pray for the safe delivery of a child born between the Emperor (voiced by Miyu Irino), the symbol of the shogunate, and his legitimate wife. The festival, an important duty of the Ooku maidservants, was supposed to take place two months ago but was postponed. Saburoumaru (voiced by Yuki Kaji) and iramoto (voiced by Jun Fukuyama) were dispatched from "Omote" to investigate. Additionally, there is information about a maidservant who disappeared around the same time, leading Saburoumaru to suspect Utayama, the general manager of Ooku.

Moreover, the maidservants perform a daily ritual of drinking water drawn from a well to receive the blessings of "Omizusama," a deity worshipped in Ooku. The character of Hokuto Mizorogi (voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda), the priest of this faith, is also highlighted.

Why was Oomochihiki postponed? Who is the missing maidservant? As the mysteries deepen, the unique male characters' involvement in the story raises anticipation for the movie's release.

"Mononoke" was a TV anime aired in Fuji TV's late-night anime slot "Noitamina" in July 2007. It follows the mysterious "Medicine Seller," who wields a sword capable of exorcising Mononoke by discerning their "Form," "Truth," and "Reason." The story portrays the Medicine Seller's journey through various regions, cutting down the tragic horrors born from human hearts and ayakashi.

With its innovative combination of traditional Japanese paper textures and CG processing, "Mononoke" created unprecedented visual experiences. The series remains popular, having secured the top spot in the "Your Favorite Three Works" poll (2005-09 production category) conducted in 2020 for the 70th anniversary of Noitamina.


Wherever Mononoke arise, the mysterious man known as the "Medicine Seller" appears to exorcise, purify, and pacify them. This time, the Medicine Seller arrives at the grand, luxurious, and sublime world of "Ooku," swirling with the emotions of women. What is the true identity of the Mononoke born from these emotions?

Cast Information

Medicine Seller: Hiroshi Kamiya
Asa: Tomoyo Kurosawa
Kame: Aoi Yuki
Kitagawa: Kana Hanazawa
Utayama: Mami Koyama
Otomo Botan: Haruka Tomatsu
Tokita Fuki: Yoko Hikasa
Awashima: Yuko Kaida
Mugiya: Yukana
Saburoumaru: Yuki Kaji
iramoto: Jun Fukuyama
Sakashita: Daisuke Hosomi
Emperor: Miyu Irino
Hokuto Mizorogi: Kenjiro Tsuda

Cast Comments

Yuki Kaji as Saburoumaru

Saburoumaru: Yuki Kaji

Saburoumaru: Yuki Kaji

I have been a fan of this series since being struck by its original "Bakeneko" arc in "Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales," aired in 2006. Though it's a period drama, it has a modern touch, depicting youkai while showcasing human emotions. Director Kenji Nakamura's unique direction remains strong in this work! I performed Tokita Saburoumaru with heartfelt dedication. Please look forward to its release!

Jun Fukuyama as Hiramoto

Tairamoto: Jun Fukuyama

Tairamoto: Jun Fukuyama

I am Jun Fukuyama, playing Hiramoto. I have always enjoyed "Mononoke" as a viewer, never expecting to participate in it. I am grateful to play the fun role of Hiramoto! Though I can't reveal much at this stage, it's an incredibly compelling work, so please visit the theaters!

Daisuke Hosomi as Sakashita

Sakashita: Daisuke Hosomi

Sakashita: Daisuke Hosomi

I am honored to participate in the beloved "Mononoke" series. I am also grateful to appear again in a work directed by Kenji Nakamura, with whom I've worked before. I hope you enjoy Sakashita, who is a bit playful and charming while guarding Ooku.

Miyu Irino as Emperor

Emperor: Miyu Irino

Emperor: Miyu Irino

I have been eagerly anticipating new work from the genius and eccentric director Kenji Nakamura. I am thrilled to be part of this production as a member of the Nakamura team. Enjoy the unique animation experience only "Mononoke" can provide!

Kenjiro Tsuda as Hokuto Mizorogi

Hokuto: Kenjiro Tsuda

Hokuto: Kenjiro Tsuda

I am delighted to participate in a work that showcases the excellence of Japanese animation. Every aspect of this work, from the world-building, characters, story, and visuals, is full of originality. Playing the mysterious character Hokuto Mizorogi was enjoyable. Please immerse yourself in the world of "Mononoke" at the theater.


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