• Theatrical Film "Sailor Moon Cosmos" Exclusive Streaming on Netflix Starting August
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Theatrical Film "Sailor Moon Cosmos" Exclusive Streaming on Netflix Starting August

The theatrical film "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos" (released in 2023) will be exclusively available for streaming worldwide on Netflix starting August 22.

Visual from the theatrical film "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos"

Visual from the theatrical film "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos" (C) Naoko Takeuchi, PNP / "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos" Production Committee

"Sailor Moon Cosmos," the sequel to the 2021 film "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal," depicts the final chapter of the "Sailor Moon" series, the "Shadow Galactica Arc." In this story, the new enemy "Shadow Galactica" emerges and targets the Sailor Guardians one by one, forcing Sailor Moon and her friends to fight once again. Facing their strongest enemy, the Sailor Guardians confront their mission and inner conflicts, pondering "what they are fighting for," in their final story.

"Sailor Moon" was serialized in the girls' manga magazine "Nakayoshi" (Kodansha) from 1991 to 1997, and its collected volumes have surpassed 46 million copies in total circulation. The story follows Usagi Tsukino, who one day meets Luna, a talking black cat, and transforms into the justice warrior "Sailor Moon." Together with her companions, she fights to protect a princess. The series captivated girls at the time and became a social phenomenon. The TV anime series aired from 1992 to 1997 and was broadcast in over 40 countries, gaining worldwide popularity. Additionally, in 2014, a new series titled "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal" began, and in 2021, a new movie, "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal," was released after 25 years.

Summary of "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos"
Usagi Tsukino and her friends had regained a brief period of peace and were living normal high school lives. Suddenly, Usagi's boyfriend, Mamoru Chiba, decides to study abroad in America. At the airport, Mamoru gives Usagi an engagement ring. Just after they promise their future together, Mamoru is suddenly made to disappear before Usagi's eyes. As Usagi struggles to accept this reality, Sailor Galaxia and her Shadow Galactica, along with the Sailor Starlights, appear. The Sailor Guardians are unsure whether the Sailor Starlights are friends or foes. One by one, the Sailor Guardians are overpowered by the overwhelming strength of Sailor Galaxia, who steals their power sources, the "Sailor Crystals," and makes them disappear. In this desperate situation, Usagi challenges Sailor Galaxia to the final battle as a Sailor Guardian, believing she will meet her loved ones again. This is the beginning of the final story of the Sailor Guardians, who face their mission and inner struggles head-on.


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