• The Elusive Samurai – Voice Actors, Cast, Character List, Theme Song, and Synopsis
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The Elusive Samurai – Voice Actors, Cast, Character List, Theme Song, and Synopsis

Summer 2024 Anime The Elusive Samurai (Nigewaka)

Summer 2024 Anime The Elusive Samurai (C) Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Elusive Samurai Production Committee

The anime is based on the manga of the same name that started serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in January 2021. It is the latest work by Yusei Matsui, known for "Neuro: Supernatural Detective" and "Assassination Classroom." Set in 1333 Kamakura, it tells the story of Tokiyuki Hojo, the last successor of the Kamakura shogunate and the "most elusive young samurai" in history.

In this article, we introduce the synopsis, scene cuts from each episode, and voice actors (va, seiyuu) of "The Elusive Samurai (Nigewaka)."


In the year 1333, the Kamakura shogunate, which laid the foundations for samurai rule in Japan, fell due to the betrayal of the trusted retainer, Takauji Ashikaga.

Tokiyuki Hojo, the rightful heir to the shogunate, loses everything and escapes the burning Kamakura with the help of Yorishige Suwa, a priest who claims to be a god.

Reaching the land of Suwa after fleeing, Tokiyuki meets reliable comrades and prepares for the recapture of Kamakura. Contrary to the way of the samurai, who face and die in battle, Tokiyuki survives and overcomes the turbulent times by running and living.

What will be the fate of Tokiyuki’s grand game of tag to reclaim his country in this era of chaos filled with heroes?


Tokiyuki Hojo
Voice Actor:結川あさき (Asaki Yuikawa)

Son of Hojo Takatoki, the ruler of the Kamakura shogunate. He is uninterested in status and power, and dislikes conflict. He deeply wishes for the peace of Kamakura. Though poor in martial arts, he excels at evasion and is nearly impossible to catch, even by adults. Betrayed by Takauji Ashikaga, whom he trusted as a loyal samurai, he fights to reclaim his beloved hometown of Kamakura.

Hojo Tokiyuki

Hojo Tokiyuki (C) Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Elusive Samurai Production Committee

Voice Actor:矢野妃菜喜 (Hinaki Yano)

A shrine maiden of Suwa Taisha and an excellent steward of Tokiyuki's retainers, the "Elusive Samurai Clan." She manages the household affairs and adores Yorishige, calling him "Father." Although generally proper, she sometimes surprises those around her with unexpected behavior. She can also use secret arts to manipulate divine power, albeit not as strongly as Yorishige. Her keen insight makes her an invaluable support in battles, where she also acts as Yorishige’s representative.


Shizuku (C) Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Elusive Samurai Production Committee

Voice Actor:日野まり (Mari Hino)

A swordsman of the "Elusive Samurai Clan" with sword skills that rival those of adults. Bold and fearless, he observes and analyzes the situation during battles, while also taking care of and motivating his comrades. Although he has a master-servant relationship with Tokiyuki, they interact as good friends. Among the uniquely characterized "Elusive Samurai Clan," he is relatively sensible and often takes on the role of the straight man.


Kojiro (C) Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Elusive Samurai Production Committee

Voice Actor:鈴代紗弓 (Sayumi Suzushiro)

A cheerful and strong girl of the "Elusive Samurai Clan." She usually takes care of Tokiyuki and helps him train in martial arts, sometimes spoiling him a bit too much. She aspires to be a strong woman who can protect and support her lord. She trains with Kojiro regularly, and they work well together in battle. She also seems to have learned various arts like music and dance.


Ayako (C) Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Elusive Samurai Production Committee

Genba Kazama
Voice Actor:悠木碧 (Aoi Yuki)

A ninja of the "Elusive Samurai Clan" skilled in gathering information. He can transform his fox mask and disguise himself as anyone. Before joining the "Elusive Samurai Clan," he was a notorious thief known even in Suwa. From his past experiences, he trusts money above all and often demands exorbitant fees. He doesn't hesitate to exact revenge on those who don’t pay him.

Kazama Genba

Kazama Genba (C) Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Elusive Samurai Production Committee

Voice Actor:戸谷菊之介 (Kikunosuke Toya)

A calm and collected strategist of the "Elusive Samurai Clan" versed in various military tactics. He quickly assesses opponents and situations to devise precise strategies. He has high combat abilities, capable of taking on multiple enemies, and excels in teaching others. Although he seems flawless, he has an enormous appetite and tends to eat all the food available by himself.


Hubuki (C) Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Elusive Samurai Production Committee

Yorishige Suwa
Voice Actor:中村悠一 (Yuichi Nakamura)

The head of Suwa Taisha in Shinano Province. Known as a "living god," he commands immense faith from the people. He can manipulate divine power and see the future, albeit vaguely, making him seem somewhat dubious. He rescues Tokiyuki from the doomed Kamakura and shelters him in Suwa. Recognizing Tokiyuki’s talent for evasion, he subjects him to rigorous trials while nervously ensuring nothing disastrous happens.

Suwa Yorishige

Yorishige Suwa (C) Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Elusive Samurai Production Committee

Takauji Ashikaga
Voice Actor:小西克幸 (Katsuyuki Konishi)

The head of the prestigious Ashikaga clan, a hero with bravery, education, lineage, and charisma. His overwhelming military power and magnetic personality captivate people. He was revered as the guardian deity of the Kamakura shogunate and admired by Tokiyuki, but... His true intentions behind his calm and humble demeanor remain a mystery.

Ashikaga Takauji

Ashikaga Takauji (C) Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, The Elusive Samurai Production Committee

CAST(Character : Voice Actor)

In addition to the English notation, kanji characters and their readings in Japanese are listed.

北条時行 (Tokiyuki Hojo): 結川あさき (Asaki Yuikawa)
雫 (Shizuku): 矢野妃菜喜 (Hinaki Yano)
弧次郎 (Kojirou): 日野まり (Mari Hino)
亜也子 (Ayako): 鈴代紗弓 (Sayumi Suzushiro)
風間玄蕃 (Gemba Kazama): 悠木碧 (Aoi Yuki)
吹雪 (Fubuki): 戸谷菊之介 (Kikunosuke Toya)
諏訪頼重 (Yorishige Suwa): 中村悠一 (Yuichi Nakamura)
足利高氏 (Takauji Ashikaga): 小西克幸 (Katsuyuki Konishi)

Theme Songs

Opening theme
"Plan A" by DISH

Ending theme
"Kamakura STYLE" by Bocchi Boromaru


【Original Work】 松井優征 (Matsui Yūsei, serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump)
【Director】 山崎雄太 (Yūta Yamazaki)
【Series Composition】 冨田頼子 (Yoriko Tomita)
【Character Design】 西谷泰史 (Yasushi Nishiya)
【Assistant Director】 川上雄介 (Yūsuke Kawakami)
【Prop Design】 よごいぬ (Yogoinu)
【Sub Character Design】 高橋沙妃 (Saki Takahashi)
【Color Design】 中島和子 (Kazuko Nakajima)
【Art Director】 小島あゆみ (Ayumi Kojima)
【Art Setting】 taracod・takao
【Architectural Research】 鴎利一 (Riichi Kamome)
【Typography】 濱祐斗 (Yūto Hama)
【Special Effects】 入佐芽詠美 (Chiemi Irisa)
【Director of Photography】 佐久間悠也 (Yūya Sakuma)
【CG Director】 有沢包三、宮地克明 (Hōzō Arisawa, Katsuaki Miyaji)
【Editing】 平木大輔 (Daisuke Hiraki)
【Sound Director】 藤田亜紀子 (Akiko Fujita)
【Music】 GEMBI, 立山秋航 (Akiyuki Tateyama)
【Sound Effects】 三井友和 (Tomokazu Mitsui)
【Production】 CloverWorks
【Theme Songs】
OP Theme: DISH//「プランA」 (DISH// "Plan A")
ED Theme: ぼっちぼろまる「鎌倉STYLE」 (Bocchi Boromaru "Kamakura STYLE")

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Scene cuts

Episode 1
Tokiyuki, who was supposed to live as the shogunate's successor, loses everything at the age of eight due to this rebellion. However, Tokiyuki excels in escaping and surviving. Suwa Yorishige, a priest from Shinano Province, sees potential in him, leading Tokiyuki to embark on a path to becoming a hero through escape.

nigewaka Episode 1 Scene cuts

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Episode 2
Takauji Ashikaga, revered as the guardian deity of the Kamakura shogunate, stages a rebellion that drives the shogunate to a swift collapse. Tokiyuki, seeking refuge in Suwa, Shinano, under the protection of Yorishige, hides in an abandoned house on the outskirts of Kamakura. However, even there, watchful eyes are upon him. Familiar banners flutter in the wind, leaving Tokiyuki uncertain of who is friend and who is foe.

nigewaka Episode 2 Scene cuts

Other scene cuts from Episode 1

Episode 3
After winning a life-and-death game of tag with his uncle, Muneshige, and avenging his brother, Tokiyuki arrives in Suwa. However, there is no time to heal his wounded heart, as Yorishige urges him to begin training to reclaim Kamakura. Tokiyuki, still harboring doubts about Yorishige, cannot find meaning in his learning. Yorishige then shows him something significant and instructs him to form a group of followers to aim for the reclamation of Kamakura together. The boy, who has lost everything, quietly gains strength in Suwa, under the protection of the gods.

nigewaka Episode 3 Scene cuts

Other scene cuts from Episode 3