• Cure Nyammy's Profile Book Released: A Tsundere Who Loves Salmon
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Cure Nyammy's Profile Book Released: A Tsundere Who Loves Salmon

The profile book of Cure Nyammy from the TV anime 'Wonderful Precure!' has been released on the official X account of the series.

"Wonderful Precure!"

"Wonderful Precure!" (C) ABC-A・Toei Animation

Her birthday is December 21, her favorite color is light blue, her favorite food is salmon, and her favorite activities are napping and sunbathing. Additionally, her dislikes are "None whatsoever," and she is curious about "Mayu being obsessed with something..." She is introduced as a tsundere, studious, and easygoing character.

Cure Nyammy's Profile Book

Cure Nyammy's Profile Book

Finally, she sends a message to fans in anticipation of the movie: "Well, fine, I'll be waiting for you at the cinema." The motif of 'Wonderful Precure!' is "animals," and the theme is "bonding with animals." The keyword is "Everyone is friends! Wonderful~!" The story is set in Animal Town, a place where animals and humans live together harmoniously, and depicts interactions that transcend species.

Iroha, who loves animals, is close to her pet dog Komugi. One day, they encounter a mysterious creature named Gargal, who is rampaging through the town. To protect Iroha, Komugi transforms into a human and becomes a Precure. Together, they strive to help those with troubled hearts and return the animals to Nico Garden.