• Synopsis & Scene Cuts of Episode 17 of "Wonderful Precure!" Released. Who Saves Mayu?
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Synopsis & Scene Cuts of Episode 17 of "Wonderful Precure!" Released. Who Saves Mayu?

The synopsis and scene cuts for Episode 17 of the TV anime "Wonderful Precure!," have been released.

Cure Nyammy

"Wonderful Precure!" (C) ABC-A / Toei Animation

Episode 17, titled "I Will Protect You!" is set in spring when Animal Town experiences the birth of many baby animals. Mayu, invited by Iroha, heads out with Komugi and Satoru on a "Baby Tour."


"Wonderful Precure!" (C) ABC-A / Toei Animation

After seeing swallow chicks at the florist's eaves, they visit the park and meet baby squirrels, deer, and wild rabbits, and later, they encounter kittens at Iroha's family's animal hospital. While having lunch in the park, Komugi notices the appearance of Gargaru.


"Wonderful Precure!" (C) ABC-A / Toei Animation

Komugi and Iroha rush to the forest and confront Gargaru after transforming, but a mother duck and her ducklings passing through the road get involved. Mayu, watching Wonderful and Friendy with Satoru, heads to the separated duckling, but this attracts Gargaru's attention. At that moment, someone appears to rescue Mayu...


"Wonderful Precure!" (C) ABC-A / Toei Animation

The motif of 'Wonderful Precure!' is "animals," with the theme of "bond with animals." The keyword is "Everyone, let's be friends! Wonderful~!" The story is set in Animal Town, where animals and humans live harmoniously, depicting interactions that transcend species.

Animal-loving Iroha is close with her pet dog Komugi. One day, they encounter the mysterious creature Gargaru causing havoc in the town. To protect Iroha, Komugi transforms into a human and becomes a Precure. Together, they work to return animals affected by the troubled Gargaru to Nico Garden.