• Yoshihiro Togashi Discovers Old Manuscripts, Fans Excited Over "Tende Showaru Cupid"
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Yoshihiro Togashi Discovers Old Manuscripts, Fans Excited Over "Tende Showaru Cupid"

On May 23th, Yoshihiro Togashi, the renowned author of the popular manga 'HUNTER×HUNTER,' updated his social media X.

Yoshihiro Togashi's social media X

In his post, Togashi revealed, "I found something, haha. This was from when I didn't know that blue ink wouldn't show up in print," along with an image of an old manuscript.

The manuscript in question is from "Tende Showaru Cupid" (1989), Togashi's debut serial work before his iconic series "Yu Yu Hakusho." Fans reacted with excitement, commenting, "Tende Showaru Cupid... nostalgic," "What a precious manuscript!" "Even as a rookie, his art was impressive. 35 years ago? Unbelievable," and "This is a real treasure!"

"HUNTER×HUNTER" ceased its weekly serialization after its 400th chapter was published in the December 26, 2022 issue of 'Weekly Shonen Jump.' The editorial department explained, "Considering Togashi-sensei's health, we have decided, in consultation with him, that future chapters will not be serialized weekly."

They added, "Togashi-sensei is continuing to work on the story, and the editorial team will continue to support him until the series is completed. Specific publication dates and methods will be announced in future issues of 'Weekly Shonen Jump.' Thank you for your continued support of 'HUNTER×HUNTER.'"

On March 9, 2023, Togashi updated his social media again, reporting, "Chapter 401 is complete. While the production system isn't fully established, I'm pleased that I'm gradually able to spend more time working at my desk." He indicated that the future publication method had not yet been decided.

"HUNTER×HUNTER," which began serialization in 1998, follows the adventures of a young boy named Gon and his friends, including Killua, on a fantastical journey. The current arc, known as the "Dark Continent" (Succession War arc), depicts various characters' intentions clashing aboard a ship heading for an unexplored continent. The series resumed on October 24, 2022, after a hiatus of nearly four years, starting with chapter 391.