• "Uma Musume" × "Godzilla x Kong" Collaboration Video Released - Starts with Jungle Pocket's Line
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"Uma Musume" × "Godzilla x Kong" Collaboration Video Released - Starts with Jungle Pocket's Line

The collaboration visual and video between the first theatrical version of the anime "Uma Musume Pretty Derby: New Era's Door" (premiering May 24) and "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire" (now in theaters) have been released.

The collaboration focuses on the themes "super-dimensional great rampage" and "soul-stirring great roar," aiming to fill theaters with even more excitement. The newly released collaboration visual features the two great monsters from "Godzilla x Kong" along with main characters from the "Uma Musume" movie: Jungle Pocket, Agnes Tachyon, Manhattan Cafe, Dantsu Flame, and the "Champion of the Century" T.M. Opera O.

The powerful visual, which looks as if it is leaping out of the poster, includes the catchphrases "Cross the line. Change the norm. Seize the strongest." It is a truly "super-dimensional" visual showcasing the strongest beings from different worlds in an epic rampage.

Additionally, the intense collaboration video featuring ear-piercing roars has been released. Starting with Jungle Pocket's line, "I am the strongest!!", the video showcases the great rampage of Godzilla, Kong, and Uma Musume with breathtaking intensity. The roars of "Uooooooo!!!!" shake the soul, and the video captures the essence of the collaboration with rapid cuts between Godzilla, Kong, and Uma Musume, along with the phrases "Cross the line," "Change the norm," and "Seize the strongest."

The collaboration video is a powerful depiction of Jungle Pocket striving to become the strongest in races and Godzilla and Kong facing new threats to become the strongest.

"Uma Musume" is a cross-media content that transforms real-life racehorses like Special Week, Silence Suzuka, and Tokai Teio into characters, gaining popularity through games, manga, and anime.

The first season of the TV anime aired from April to June 2018, the second season from January to March 2021, and the third season from October to December 2023. The manga "Uma Musume Cinderella Gray," featuring Oguri Cap as the protagonist, is currently serialized in Weekly Young Jump. The voice actors also appear on music programs, turning it into a social phenomenon.

In the first theatrical version of the series, Jungle Pocket, aiming to be the strongest in the Twinkle Series, is the protagonist, engaging in fierce competition with rivals of the same generation in a new story.

Movie Synopsis:
Jungle Pocket, who boasts of becoming the strongest through racing, is shocked by the performance of Fujikiseki in the Twinkle Series and dives into the world of racing. After debuting with her trainer, Jungle Pocket challenges the prestigious Classic Triple Crown race, which can only be run once in a lifetime. However, standing in her way are rivals of the same generation, such as Agnes Tachyon and Manhattan Cafe. The fierce battle to open the door to a new era begins now.