• The movie "Look Back" Expands Theaters Due to Positive Reviews, Praised by Hideo Kojima and Director Takashi Yamazaki
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The movie "Look Back" Expands Theaters Due to Positive Reviews, Praised by Hideo Kojima and Director Takashi Yamazaki

The animated movie "Look Back," which premiered in 119 theaters nationwide on June 28, attracted 135,000 viewers and earned 227 million yen in its first three days. Due to the overwhelming response, it was announced that the number of theaters showing the movie would increase starting July 5.

Theatrical Anime "Look Back"

Theatrical Anime "Look Back" (C) Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha (C) 2024 "Look Back" Production Committee

Among the positive comments from pre-screening viewers were Director Kenji Iwaisawa of "Ongaku," Director Takashi Yamazaki of "Godzilla Minus One," and game creator Hideo Kojima. On the morning of its release day, June 28, it topped the trending list on X in Japan and continued to trend until the evening of the 29th. According to the film's publicity team, "On social media, there have been numerous accolades such as 'I couldn't stop crying throughout the screening and still tear up when I remember it,' 'The pinnacle of modern animation,' 'Not a single wasted scene,' 'Unparalleled respect for the original work,' and 'The reason for the film adaptation is in the movie itself.' Due to the continued spread of these reviews, 11 additional theaters will be screening the movie."

"Look Back," created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of "Chainsaw Man," is a growth story of Fujino, a fourth-grader, and Kyomoto, a truant classmate, through their shared manga experiences. One day, a life-altering event occurs. The youth story begins when their four-panel manga is published in the school newspaper, depicting their lives from middle school to high school. Published on "Shonen Jump+" as a 143-page one-shot on July 19, 2021, it received significant attention, recording over 2.5 million views on its first day, and was ranked first in the "This Manga is Amazing! 2022" Male Edition and nominated for the "Manga Taisho 2022." The movie stars Yumi Kawai and Mizuki Yoshida in dual lead roles.

Comments from Kenji Iwaisawa (Animation Director)

"All the pure emotions of drawing, including the joy, pain, and awkwardness, overflowed on the screen, reminding me of the feelings I had forgotten. It was a truly wonderful movie."

Comments from Hideo Kojima (Game Creator)

"I was shaken! The softness, the kindness, the strength! The rich expression and sensibility surpassing even live-action! I was thrilled about the present and future of entertainment! Anime is amazing. I immediately ordered the original manga and looked back at Tatsuki Fujimoto."

Comments from Takashi Yamazaki (Film Director)

"All the whirlwinds of emotions that anyone trying to create something will surely experience, and the worst irrationality that no amount of 'what ifs' can undo, were vividly present and even more powerfully conveyed. It was unmistakably 'Look Back.' Applause to all the cast and staff!!"


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