• The manga "Yuri is My Job!" will be taking a hiatus due to the health condition of its author, Miman.
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The manga "Yuri is My Job!" will be taking a hiatus due to the health condition of its author, Miman.

The editorial department announced, "Thank you for always reading 'Yuri is My Job!'.

Yuri is My Job! vol.1 cover

Yuri is My Job! vol.1 cover

The series has been on hiatus since the publication of Shift.69 in the June issue, and it will continue to be on hiatus for some time due to Miman-sensei's health condition. We plan to discuss the future serialization based on Miman-sensei's recovery. We apologize to all the readers who have been looking forward to the series and ask for your patience until the serialization resumes."

Miman also explained, "Due to my deteriorating physical and mental health, I regret to inform you that 'Yuri is My Job!' will be on hiatus for a while. Since around February, I began to experience mental health issues, which worsened to the point where it became difficult to continue drawing manga. I have been diagnosed with adjustment disorder."

Message from Miman

Message from Miman

Miman shared further, "I don't know the cause, but neither I nor those around me have experienced any particularly sad or distressing events. I believe the stress of not being able to meet deadlines has made it difficult for me to continue drawing, despite the contradiction."

"I apologize for the inconvenience, but 'Yuri is My Job!' will be on hiatus after chapter 69, and I plan to take some time to recuperate. I have already stepped away from work to focus on recovery, attending medical appointments, resting, and engaging in unrelated activities. Thanks to these efforts, I feel that the intense difficulties have somewhat passed," Miman conveyed. "I am sorry for the delay in informing you. While we have not yet decided when the serialization will resume, I aim to return gradually, so I would appreciate your patience."

The manga, serialized in Comic Yuri Hime, is set in the "Café Liebe Girls' Academy" and tells its story. The TV anime adaptation aired from April to June 2023.