• Asuka and Kaori Senpai Appear - Big Reaction to "Room Sharing" and "Lap Pillow"
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Asuka and Kaori Senpai Appear - Big Reaction to "Room Sharing" and "Lap Pillow"

The popular TV anime 'Sound! Euphonium 3' aired its 10th episode on the 9th on NHK E-Tele.

'Sound! Euphonium 3'

'Sound! Euphonium 3'

In episode 10, "Arpeggio to Convey," dissatisfaction among club members starts to surface regarding the system where the performance members change for each competition after the recent audition.

Although Kumiko and Shuichi try to calm things down, the cracks once formed cannot be mended, leaving the atmosphere in the club at its worst right before the Kansai competition. Moreover, a dispute between Reina and Shuichi arises, causing a rift in Kumiko and Reina's relationship. Additionally, when the senior characters Asuka Tanaka and Kaori Nakaseko appear, the internet buzzes with comments like, "Ohhhhh!!! Asuka Senpai!", "Kaori and Asuka are living together! (They're room-sharing)", "The angle from under the sofa and the sleeveless look are all amazing", and "What is it with Asuka Senpai getting a lap pillow from Kaori Senpai like it's normal?"

'Sound! Euphonium' is a hugely popular brass band anime series produced by Kyoto Animation. Set in the Kitauji High School brass band, it tells the coming-of-age story of the protagonist, Kumiko Oumae. In the latest series, 'Sound! Euphonium 3,' the story depicts Kumiko as a third-year student and the club president, along with the members of the Kitauji High School brass band.


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