• "Ultraman Nexus" 20th Anniversary: "Hyper Strike Chester" Released as a Large 120% Size Increase
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"Ultraman Nexus" 20th Anniversary: "Hyper Strike Chester" Released as a Large 120% Size Increase

The Bandai Namco Group's official online store, Premium Bandai, will start accepting reservations for the "Ultride Chronicle Hyper Strike Chester" (22,000 yen, excluding shipping and handling fees) from "Ultraman Nexus," which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, starting at 4 PM on the 21st.

Ultride Chronicle Hyper Strike Chester

"Ultride Chronicle Hyper Strike Chester" (C) Tsuburaya Productions

"Ultraman Nexus," which aired in 2004 and is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2024, will see the combat aircraft "Hyper Strike Chester" from the series released as a product. The "Ultride Chronicle Hyper Strike Chester" set includes four aircraft: Chrome Chester α, Chrome Chester β, Chrome Chester γ, and Chrome Chester δ. The size has been increased by 120% from the toys released during the 2004 broadcast, resulting in a large, three-dimensional figure. It measures approximately 29 cm in length and weighs over 900 grams, providing a sense of heft and scale.

Chrome Chester α and Chrome Chester δ are equipped with light and sound gimmicks. Pressing a button lights up the cockpit and plays sound effects such as flight sounds, combination sounds, the firing sound of the ultimate technique "Ultimate Banisher," and includes two background music tracks. The combination of the four aircraft allows for multiple formations to be recreated. The "Strike Chester" and "Mega Cannon Chester" can be formed by combining three aircraft, and the "Hyper Strike Chester" can be formed by combining all four. All designs have been completely revamped from the toys of the original broadcast. This new Ultramecha series features added light and sound gimmicks, offering a more interactive experience.


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