• Ultraman Arc Premiere Announcement Event to be Live Streamed, All Directors & Screenwriters Revealed
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Ultraman Arc Premiere Announcement Event to be Live Streamed, All Directors & Screenwriters Revealed

Tsuburaya Productions has announced that before the new TV series "Ultraman Arc" starts airing on TV Tokyo's network of six stations at 9 AM on July 6, the latest information will be released every Friday at 5 PM. For the tenth release, it was announced that, along with the main director Takayuki Tsukamoto and the series composition & main screenplay writer Atsushi Tsugita, all the directors and screenwriters involved in creating the story of the TV series "Ultraman Arc" have been revealed.

New TV Series 'Ultraman Arc' Poster Visual

New TV Series 'Ultraman Arc' Poster Visual (C) Tsuburaya Productions (C) Ultraman Arc Production Committee・TV Tokyo

In addition to Director Tsukamoto, the directors include Masayoshi Takesue, Yasushi Ochi, Hiroaki Yuasa, Special Effects Director Naoyuki Uchida, Agriculture Director Takahumi Suzuki, and Yusuke Akitake. The screenwriters, in addition to Tsugita, include Junichiro Ashiki, Toshizo Nemoto, Kyoko Katsuya, Ryo Yoshikami, Masaya Honda, Takao Nakano, and Yuiko Miura.

Additionally, it has been decided that the "Premiere Announcement Event," a press event featuring the main cast, directors, and artists, scheduled to start at 5 PM on the 21st, will be live-streamed on the official Ultraman YouTube channel and the Ultraman subscription service TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION.

'Ultraman Arc'

In a certain town, Hoshimoto City, a towering, distinctive object stands on Shishio Mountain within the city. Named "Monohorn," it is actually a "monster horn" that has been stuck there since an incident 16 years ago. Since the event known as "K-DAY," where monsters appeared simultaneously all over the world, monster disasters have become commonplace. In Japan, the Earth Defense Force handles monsters with military power, while the Scientific Kaiju Investigation and Prevention center, known as "SKIP," conducts scientific investigations and evacuation guidance to prevent the occurrence and escalation of monster disasters. The "Monohorn," which SKIP continues to investigate, is the horn of the space beast Monogeros that appeared on "K-DAY."

"Yuma," who was 7 years old when he encountered the Monogeros attack while camping with his parents on Shishio Mountain, survived miraculously unharmed and chose to pursue a career in kaiju biology research. Despite his painful past, Yuma grew up without losing his "power of imagination" and was accepted as a rookie investigator at "SKIP," being assigned to the Hoshimoto City branch.

Just then, a major monster disaster occurs in Hoshimoto City. In the moment when his strong and earnest desire to "protect the people in dire straits before his eyes!" surges from the depths of his heart, "Lution," the messenger of light he saw as a child, speaks to him.

"I am you, and you are me... Unleash your imagination!"

When the mysterious light appears in his hand and envelops Yuma's body, his unleashed power of imagination merges light and human into one, transforming him into the giant of light who protects the future, "Ultraman Arc!" Together with his precious comrades, Yuma and Ultraman Arc begin to chase an undying dream!