• "Ultraman Arc" Poster Visual Revealed; Scene Photos Also Released
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"Ultraman Arc" Poster Visual Revealed; Scene Photos Also Released

Before the new TV series "Ultraman Arc" starts broadcasting on July 6 at 9 a.m. on six TV Tokyo network stations, Tsuburaya Productions will release the latest information every Friday at 5 p.m. The ninth release includes the latest PV and poster visual.

Poster visual of the new TV series "Ultraman Arc"

Poster visual of the new TV series "Ultraman Arc" (C) Tsuburaya Productions (C) Ultraman Arc Production Committee, TV Tokyo

The latest PV, which showcases the initial episodes to kick off the series, features a digest of scenes from the main story, with narration by the protagonist Yuma (played by Yuki Totsuka) introducing the world of the series. The PV also includes part of the theme song "arc jump’n to the sky" by access, which was recently announced.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: "Arc Running to the Future"
Yuma Tobi is a new member of SKIP, the Kaiju Disaster Science Investigation Center, which aims to prevent and investigate kaiju disasters. While Yuma is busy with his daily duties, Shuu Ishido from the Earth Defense Force visits SKIP. They track the movements of the kaiju Shagon but end up in a dangerous situation. Just then, someone appears before Yuma…!!

Episode 2: "The Legend in the Forest"
An ancient artifact believed to be ruins is discovered at a construction site where a forest is being cleared to build a mansion! Hayato, the son of the site manager, desperately appeals to Yuma about the dangers of the construction. What is the truth behind the forest legend that Hayato believes in? How will Yuma respond to Hayato's plea?

Episode 3: "Unleash Your Imagination!"
A terrifying space kaiju appears in Hoshimoto City!? A mysterious giant of light who sides with humanity!? What is the meaning of the words Yuma's father told him…!? As Yuma stands amidst an unending nightmare, he starts running with a strong belief in his heart!!

Episode 4: "Currently Chasing the Kaiju"
Anomaly occurs in the lively shopping district that Rin frequents. While it seems to be the work of a rat based on the traces, it appears to be no ordinary rat! As they investigate the suspected cause, Rin and others get caught up in a dire situation…!! Amidst conflicting feelings, Arc responds with imagination!

"Ultraman Arc"

In a town called Hoshimoto City, a massive object known as the "Mono-Horn" stands atop Shishio Mountain. This object is actually the "horn of a kaiju" that has been embedded since the incident 16 years ago known as "K-DAY," where kaiju appeared simultaneously worldwide. In Japan, the Earth Defense Force handles kaiju with military force, while SKIP (Scientific Kaiju Investigation and Prevention Center) conducts scientific investigations and evacuation guidance to prevent and mitigate kaiju disasters. The "Mono-Horn" being investigated by SKIP is the horn of the space beast Monogerus that appeared on "K-DAY."

Seven-year-old Yuma, who encountered the Monogerus attack while camping with his parents at Shishio Mountain, miraculously survived unharmed and pursued a path in kaiju biology research. Despite his painful past, Yuma grew up without losing the power of imagination and became a new investigator for SKIP, assigned to the Hoshimoto City branch.

However, a large-scale kaiju disaster strikes Hoshimoto City. In the face of imminent danger to those around him, Yuma's strong desire to "protect them!" wells up from deep within. At that moment, a being of light called "Lution," whom Yuma saw as a child, speaks to him.

"I am you, and you are me… Unleash your imagination!"

When the mysterious light envelops Yuma, the power of imagination is released, binding light and humans into one, transforming Yuma into the giant of light "Ultraman Arc" to protect the future! Alongside his important comrades, Yuma, and Ultraman Arc begin their journey, pursuing an unending dream!


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