• "Haikyu!! Anime 10th Anniversary Exhibition Announced: New Visuals Unveiled"
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"Haikyu!! Anime 10th Anniversary Exhibition Announced: New Visuals Unveiled"

The "Haikyu!! 10th Anniversary — Connect — Project" has been launched to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the popular anime "Haikyu!!".

"Launch of the 'Haikyu!!' 10th Anniversary — Connect — Project" (C) Haruichi Furudate / Shueisha

"Launch of the 'Haikyu!!' 10th Anniversary — Connect — Project" (C) Haruichi Furudate / Shueisha

April 6 marks the memorable day when the first episode of the anime's first season was broadcast ten years ago. On this day, April 6, 2024, a decade later, the anniversary project starts with the theme of "connecting", bridging the 10-year history and linking fans with the anime "Haikyu!!". Throughout the year, various plans are being rolled out so fans can enjoy the 10th-anniversary festivities together, including the holding of the 10th-anniversary exhibition and the sale of commemorative goods. The main plans feature a new banner designed by the original author Haruichi Furudate and the unveiling of new school icons supervised by Furudate. Banners representing schools competing in the Spring High Tournament are gathered together, including those for schools not depicted in the original manga, newly conceived by Furudate. Additionally, new schools have been added to the school icons full of characteristics supervised by Furudate, with merchandise development to follow. The "Haikyu!! Anime 10th Anniversary Exhibition: Full Sensation EXHIBITION" is a special exhibition that allows visitors to "experience" the inexpressible Haikyu!! through an immersive, real-life experience, beyond just "viewing" the exhibit. The visuals of Hinata and Kageyama drawn for this exhibition showcase them on the gym's stairs, where they first clashed their emotions against each other. It's a composition reminiscent of that day, yet their expressions as teammates through time are a highlight.

Exhibition Schedule:
Tokyo: TFT Hall, July 13 - August 4
Sendai: Kamei Arena Sendai, August 11 - August 19
Fukuoka: Hakata International Exhibition & Conference Center, September 14 - October 9
Additional tour locations planned

Comments from Haruichi Furudate:

Celebrating 10 years of the anime "Haikyu!!" I believe there are incredibly many people who have become aware of the appeal of volleyball thanks to the anime. I'm grateful...! The currently ongoing anime "Haikyu!!" continues to excite me!!

Comments from Ayumu Murase (voice of Shoyo Hinata):

Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of "Haikyu!!" The original's intrigue and the anime's excellent production go without saying, but for me, it also serves as a textbook of sorts. I cherish the fortune of being involved with such a work for ten years and look forward to each new recording with anticipation. I sincerely thank you all for your continued support!!

Comments from Kaito Ishikawa (voice of Tobio Kageyama):

It's both joyous and immensely gratifying that "Haikyu!!" is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I believe we've reached this wonderful milestone because everyone involved loves the work. As a performer, I will continue to pour my passion into it and support it wholeheartedly as a fan.