• 【Expectations】 New Anime Studio "STUDIO DOTOU" Established; Collaborates with Pony Canyon to Produce a Theatrical Release in 2026
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【Expectations】 New Anime Studio "STUDIO DOTOU" Established; Collaborates with Pony Canyon to Produce a Theatrical Release in 2026

Pony Canyon Inc. has announced a business partnership with the newly established animation studio "STUDIO DOTOU" and their participation in the production of the original theatrical anime "KILLTUBE," set for release in 2026.


Establishment of the new anime studio "STUDIO DOTOU"

"STUDIO DOTOU" was established on July 4, 2024, as a joint venture between CHOCOLATE Inc., KASSEN Inc., and WACHAJACK Inc. Pony Canyon will collaborate with "DOTOU" on the production of the original theatrical anime "KILLTUBE" (directed by Kazuaki Kuribayashi, targeted for release in 2026).

The setting of "KILLTUBE" is a Japan where the Edo period has continued until 2026 for certain reasons. In this strict social hierarchy, the only way to change one’s status is through "duel streaming." The story follows three individuals from the lowest class as they defy public ridicule and strive to reach the top in this battle entertainment.


Establishment of the new anime studio "STUDIO DOTOU"

The purpose of "STUDIO DOTOU"

STUDIO DOTOU was born to bring together various professionals, breaking through the barriers of different specializations and industry conventions to create "new ways of making." By openly sharing the knowledge gained from experiments, we hope to expand the possibilities of various types of work.

Comments from each company

Kazuaki Kuribayashi, Chief Content Officer of CHOCOLATE Inc.
"The name 'DOTOU' (meaning 'angry waves') struck us like lightning when it was created. It might have stemmed from my own frustration, thinking, 'We can make something more interesting!' We aim to break down unnecessary barriers and create things that strike the spine."

Takahiro Ota, CEO of KASSEN Inc.
"Since its inception in 2020, KASSEN has continued to innovate in the methods of video production and team building as a studio leading a new era. Centering on our VFX studio capabilities, we cover positions essential for production across planning, directing, animation, editing, shooting, and color grading. Our connections with other studios and freelance creators are also vital, and these strengths are precisely what we bring to DOTOU. We aim to continue updating human culture through our productions, so please support us."

Fujihiko Sawai, CEO of WACHAJACK Inc.
"WACHAJACK was established in 2018 as Japan's largest concept art production team. Aiming to be a platform that realizes artists' expressions (ARTilize), we have been active as a hub connecting artists from Japan and the world, focusing on game and video production. Together with our strong synergy with the other two companies, DOTOU will take a dual-approach across various industries to create new works free from conventional frameworks."

Sadakazu Kikuuchi, Director at Pony Canyon (Head of Animation and Video Business Division)
"Impressed by the pilot film announced in April, we held discussions about participating in the project. During these talks, we strongly felt the enthusiasm of 'STUDIO DOTOU' for creating new animation and business, leading us to form a business partnership beyond just participating in the project. We strive to deliver works that meet the expectations of anime fans around the world."


Production of the original theatrical anime "KILLTUBE"