• New Visual Unveiled for 'My Hero Academia'! Endeavor & Hawks vs. AFO: Episode 147 Synopsis & Scene Cut Released
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New Visual Unveiled for 'My Hero Academia'! Endeavor & Hawks vs. AFO: Episode 147 Synopsis & Scene Cut Released

The preview scene cut for episode 9 (overall episode 147) titled "EXTRAS" of the seventh season of the TV anime 'My Hero Academia' (airing every Saturday at 5:30 PM) has been released. Additionally, a new visual depicting Endeavor and Hawks challenging the dark lord All For One (AFO) has been unveiled in anticipation of the episode.

New Visual of My Hero Academia

New Visual of 'My Hero Academia' (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha・My Hero Academia Production Committee

In episode 8 of season 7, "Two Flame Fists," which aired last week, one of the most anticipated battles of the season, the direct confrontation between Shoto Todoroki and his brother Toya (Dabi), was depicted. The first half recounted the shocking transformation of Toya into Dabi, and the second half showcased an intense battle. Dabi unleashed his fierce blue flames and hatred at Shoto, who, bearing his and his family's emotions, countered with his new technique, Flashfire Fist - Phosphor. The episode culminated in Shoto's grand technique, Great Ice Wave, stopping Dabi.

On social media, fans and viewers expressed numerous sentiments about Dabi's past, describing it as "heart-wrenching" and "too sad," while also praising the battle scenes and high-quality animation with comments such as "an epic episode," "utterly satisfying," and "I want to watch it again and again."

On June 29, episode 9 of season 7 (overall episode 147) titled "EXTRAS" will air. The news that Shoto Todoroki stopped Dabi, who was fueled by personal grudge against his family, inspires heroes fighting across various locations. Endeavor, their father, has mixed feelings upon hearing this news. However, standing before him is the formidable All For One (AFO)! Endeavor and Hawks face this villainous emperor with their top heroic might.

In anticipation of the episode, a new visual of Endeavor and Hawks vs. AFO has been revealed. The visual portrays the overwhelming presence of All For One, with Endeavor launching fierce flames at him with a desperate expression, and Hawks accelerating with his wings spread wide. This episode promises to depict a deadly battle with AFO.

The series is based on a popular manga that has surpassed 100 million copies in circulation. It is set in a world where people possessing superhuman abilities known as "Quirks" are commonplace. The story follows the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya (Deku), as he strives to become a "Hero" who protects society and fights against villains who misuse their Quirks, while growing alongside his friends at the prestigious U.A. High School for hero training.


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