• Katsuhiro Otomo Complete Works "OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS" Second Phase, Publication Begins August 30, 2024!
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Katsuhiro Otomo Complete Works "OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS" Second Phase, Publication Begins August 30, 2024!

The second phase and first installment of "OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS" (Katsuhiro Otomo Complete Works), a comprehensive collection planned by Katsuhiro Otomo, a creator who transcends genres such as manga artist, illustrator, film director, and screenwriter, will begin publication on August 30, 2024, by Kodansha.



The titles for the first installment of the second phase are two books: the manga version of 'AKIRA 1', a work that Katsuhiro Otomo himself later directed as an animation, causing a worldwide sensation, and 'G.....', which includes the titular work that had long remained unpublished.

Of particular note is the manga version of 'AKIRA'. In line with the concept of the complete works, where Otomo himself oversees and summarizes the works in chronological order, this version aims to return to the original serialized version as much as possible. This includes restoring elements such as deleted title pages, additions, corrections, deletions, replacements, reordering of pages and panels, additional finishing, and newly drawn content, making it a noteworthy volume.

Due to this, the final and concluding volume of the first phase, 'Animation AKIRA Layouts & Key Frames 3' (7th installment), will be exceptionally released in November, after the first installment of the second phase.

For the 7th installment, the number of cels and total pages will be increased. As a result, the complexity of the design and production process has significantly increased, causing delays.

After consulting with the author, we have decided to advance the release of the first installment of the second phase to deliver new volumes to our readers as soon as possible.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.

(Note: Details regarding the special benefits for purchasing all volumes of the first phase will be announced later.)

Publication Schedule:

Second Phase, First Installment / Volume 6 'G.....' & Volume 12 'AKIRA 1'
Price: 3,500 yen each (tax included)
Release Date: Around August 30, 2024

First Phase, 7th Installment / Volume 25 'Animation AKIRA Layouts & Key Frames 3'
Price: To be determined
Release Date: Around November 1, 2024
Publisher: Kodansha Ltd.
(Note: The release date may vary depending on the region.)
(Note: Further installments of the second phase will be announced as they are ready.)
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