• Movie "Blue Period" Passionate and Youthful Official Trailer Released, Theme Song by WurtS
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Movie "Blue Period" Passionate and Youthful Official Trailer Released, Theme Song by WurtS

The award-winning manga "Blue Period," which won the "Manga Taisho 2020," has been adapted into a film directed by Kentaro Hagiwara, featuring popular actors Gordon Maeda, Fumiya Takahashi, Rihito Itagaki, and Hiyori Sakurada. The official trailer and main poster for the film "Blue Period" (releasing on August 9) have been unveiled. Information about the supporting cast and the theme song has also been announced.

Movie "Blue Period" (releasing on August 9) main poster

Movie "Blue Period" (releasing on August 9) main poster (C) Tsubasa Yamaguchi / Kodansha (C) 2024 "Blue Period" Film Production Committee

The story begins with Yatora Yaguchi (Maeda), a high school sophomore who has skillfully navigated life by reading the atmosphere around him. One day, during an art class assignment on "My Favorite Scenery," he draws a scene of Shibuya at dawn, which he saw after spending a night with his friends.

By painting the scene that appeared "blue" to him, Yaguchi exposes his true self for the first time and feels a "sense of being alive." He finds his path in life through art and decides to take on the challenge of entering the prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts, considered harder to get into than the University of Tokyo. However, standing in his way are talented rivals.

Movie "Blue Period" (releasing on August 9)

Movie "Blue Period" (releasing on August 9) (C) Tsubasa Yamaguchi / Kodansha (C) 2024 "Blue Period" Film Production Committee

In the art cram school, he meets the genius Takahashi Yotasuke (Itagaki), who says, "You don't understand the essence of anything," and his classmate Yuka-chan (Takahashi), who encourages him by saying, "If you feel frustrated, you can still fight." Senior Mori Maru (Sakurada), who invites him into the world of art, saying, "Let's draw together."

As Yaguchi meets friends and rivals, he struggles and continues to challenge himself, saying, "I might not have talent, but I love drawing" and "I have to keep going until I can't be distinguished from a genius." What awaits him at the end of this journey, fighting with all his passion as his weapon?

The main poster features Yaguchi facing a canvas with the words "Passion is a weapon." The vividly colored poster also expresses his passion and youthful vigor.

The "Adults" Coloring Yaguchi's Passion and Challenge

Hiroko Yakushimaru appears as Masako Saeki, the high school art teacher who introduces Yaguchi to art. "The filming days were truly fun and precious times. I am convinced that the wonderful original work and the young energy will make you feel something beyond imagination," she commented.

Noriko Eguchi plays Mayu Oba, the art cram school teacher who supports the students' growth. "I was honored to play the role of Oba-sensei. When I look back on those days, I remember the earnest faces of the students."

Hikari Ishida, who plays Yaguchi's mother, Marie Yaguchi, who opposes his decision to take the art school exam, said, "This is a work I want many people, including young people looking for their path and former young people who have grown up, to see."

Additionally, Sena Nakajima plays Maki Kuwana, a talented student at the art cram school. Ikuto Akidani plays Yotasuke’s classmate and fellow art cram school student Yuu Hashida. Koumi Hyodo portrays Shin Koigakubo, who is moved by Yaguchi's passion. Masaki Miura plays the high school physics teacher, Mr. Goto. Yasu (Zun) is cast as Yaguchi's father, Yukinobu Yaguchi.

Theme Song Enhancing the Movie "Blue Period"



The theme song "NOISE," used in the official trailer, was written by WurtS, a solo artist born in the 21st century who self-produces all aspects of his work, from lyrics and composition to arrangement, artwork, and video. A passionate comment from him has been received.

"Originally, 'NOISE' was born from my desire to break out of my shell when I started my music career. When I received the offer for 'Blue Period,' I felt that this emotion linked with Yaguchi's mindset in the story, so I began working on the song.

"Something that started from 'love' gradually turned into something that expresses myself, and there were times when I couldn't bear its weight. I realized that what I 'love' tends to involve those around me over time. That's why it's both troublesome and precious.

"In this film, I was moved by Yaguchi and others expressing themselves while struggling and pursuing what they 'love.' I hope you will listen to 'NOISE' as a support song for them."