• Kenjiro Tsuda Narrates Movie "Yin-Yang Master Zero": His Deep Voice Leads Us into the Elegant World of Sorcery
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Kenjiro Tsuda Narrates Movie "Yin-Yang Master Zero": His Deep Voice Leads Us into the Elegant World of Sorcery

It has been announced that Kenjiro Tsuda is narrating the movie "Yin-Yang Master Zero" (released on April 19th), starring actor Kento Yamazaki. Tsuda's deep and resonant voice invites audiences into the elegant world of sorcery set in the Heian period.

In the special promotional video "Yin-Yang Master Zero in One Minute" released in March, Tsuda, along with Junya Enoki, provided narration, generating significant buzz. Having experienced the "world of sorcery" depicted in the film, Tsuda expressed, "I was overwhelmed by the scenes of sorcery being performed. I've seen many portrayals of sorcery in various works, but it was fascinating to see how it's expressed with current visual technology, and how it encapsulates the director's vision. The tsundere relationship between Seimei and Hiromasa was quite endearing. The story, where they eventually trust each other with their lives, not just their backs, was particularly moving."

The film is a live-action adaptation directed by Shimako Sato, known for "K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces" and the "Unfair" series, based on the "Onmyoji" novel series by Baku Yumemakura. It portrays the unsung student days of the reclusive and eccentric onmyoji "Abe no Seimei" and his encounters with the noble and musician "Minamoto no Hiromasa," as they solve mysterious cases together. The film features a narrative not covered in the original novels, depicting Seimei's encounters, battles against curses, and conspiracies. Supervising the depiction of sorcery is Nanami Kado, an expert deeply knowledgeable in traditional Japanese sorcery, Feng Shui, and folklore (supervised "The History of Japanese Sorcery"). The VFX was handled by Shirogumi, known for "Godzilla-1.0". The theme song, a new track by BUMP OF CHICKEN titled "Kaikou" (meaning an unexpected meeting), reflects the evolving friendship between Seimei, played by Yamazaki, and Hiromasa, played by Shota Sometani, who initially clash but gradually come to appreciate each other. This theme of unexpected meetings is also impressively used in scenes throughout the film, including stunning VFX scenes by Shirogumi. A music video for "Kaikou," directed by Sato in collaboration with "Yin-Yang Master Zero," has also been released.