• 【Yukata Precure】 "Wonderful Precure!" Yukata-Clad Yuki & Mayu! Episode 23 Synopsis & Scene Cuts Released
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【Yukata Precure】 "Wonderful Precure!" Yukata-Clad Yuki & Mayu! Episode 23 Synopsis & Scene Cuts Released

The synopsis and scene cuts for Episode 23 of the new series "Wonderful Precure!", the 21st installment of the TV anime "Precure", have been released.

Scene cuts from "Wonderful Precure!"

Scene cuts from "Wonderful Precure!" (C) ABC-A, Toei Animation

In Episode 23, airing on the 7th, Komugi (voiced by Maria Naganawa) dreams of a mirror stone during her nap. While she is amazed by the glittering mirror stone, she hears a sad wolf howl from somewhere.

After waking up, Komugi changes into a yukata with Iroha (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki) and heads to the Tanabata festival. They meet up with Yuki (voiced by Satsumi Matsuda), Mayu (voiced by Reina Ueda), and Satoru. As they head towards the mirror stone, they find many tanzaku (paper strips) decorated on the bamboo, and they all decide to write their wishes on the tanzaku. However, Komugi struggles to decide what wish to write.

When they arrive at the back of the Mirror Stone Shrine, they see many animal statues. Their classmate Karasuma, who guided them, tells them that there is a wolf statue at the Howling Shrine deep in the mountains. He explains that Japanese wolves once lived near the town, and their howls were often heard. Later, Komugi returns to the mirror stone and comes up with a wish, but suddenly, a flying creature with wings named Garugaru appears.

The motif of "Wonderful Precure!" is "animals," and the theme is "bonds with animals." The keyword is "Everyone's friends! Wonderful~!" The story is set in Animal Town, a place where animals and humans live in harmony, depicting interspecies interactions.

Iroha, who loves animals, is close friends with her pet dog Komugi. One day, they encounter a mysterious creature, Garugaru, causing havoc in the town. To protect Iroha, Komugi transforms into a human and becomes a Precure. Together, they work to return the animals to the Nico Garden, helping those whose hearts are troubled by Garugaru.


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