• "Mushoku Tensei" Launches New Chapter "The Labyrinth Arc" with New Visuals & PV Featuring Roxy and Other
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"Mushoku Tensei" Launches New Chapter "The Labyrinth Arc" with New Visuals & PV Featuring Roxy and Other

The second season's second cour of the TV anime "Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation" will enter the new chapter "The Labyrinth Arc" starting with episode nineteen "Journey in the Desert," airing on May 26th. A new key visual and promotional video (PV) have been released in anticipation, hinting at a narrative shift to a harsh adventure filled with intense battle action previously unseen in the second cour.

"Mushoku Tensei" enters the new chapter "The Labyrinth Arc"

"Mushoku Tensei" enters the new chapter "The Labyrinth Arc"

Episode eighteen "Turning Point 3" left Rudeus with a letter that arrived unexpectedly. The letter was from Geese, who continues to search for Rudeus's mother Zenith alongside his father Paul, stating "Rescue of Zenith challenging—assistance required."

With Paul and others located in the distant labyrinth city of Rapan on the Begaritt Continent, Rudeus is torn between the desire to save his mother and his responsibilities towards his pregnant wife Sylphiette and his sisters. However, inspired by his young sister Norn's willingness to go in his stead, he resolves to undertake the rescue mission himself.

The newly unveiled key visual features dynamic images of Rudeus, his swordsman father Paul, his mentor the Migurd magician Roxy, the elf fencer Elinalise, the information-savvy thief Geese, and the dwarf magic warrior Talhand, all vividly portrayed. In the background, Zenith appears captured, with the ominous presence of a mysterious monster whose eyes glow red.

The PV is set to the opening theme "On the Frontline" by the rock band Hitorie, showcasing Rudeus's challenging journey through a harsh desert to the labyrinth city Rapan, Paul's distress, and intense battle scenes aimed at rescuing Zenith. This episode has been highly anticipated by fans and readers of the original work, elevating expectations for the upcoming story.

The series follows the life of a 34-year-old shut-in who spent his days gaming and browsing the internet without working or interacting with others. One day, he dies in a traffic accident, only to reincarnate as a newborn in a world of sword and magic. Now known as the young boy Rudeus, he uses his memories and regrets from his past life to face new encounters and challenges, vowing to live seriously this time in a grand fantasy adventure.

The first cour of the anime aired from January to March 2021, the second cour from October to December 2021, and the first cour of the second season from July to September 2023.

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